Winter THE OFFICIAL Dallas Restaurant Guide

Dallas has for many years taken pride in the quality and variety of its restaurant fare. Whether one is a newcomer, an oldtimer, or a visitor to our city, one soon discovers that dining in Dallas is a matter of too many good choices rather than too few. Our city-wide menu ranges from chicken-fried steak to Beef Wellington, from Peking Duck to Spanish paella, from herb omelettes to lobster crepes.

D Magazine and the Dallas Chamber of Commerce therefore take great pride in presenting the first official Dallas Restaurant Guide, a handy reference we hope you will use often. With a circulation of 150,000, this is the biggest and best dining guide in Dallas history. We hope our guide will help you to enjoy all that is best about dining in our Southwestern and cosmopolitan city, whether you want authentic Texas barbecue or fine continental cuisine.

Wick Allison

Publisher/Editor in Chief

D Magazine

David W. Cooley


Dallas Chamber of Commerce

Wines: A Glossary of Good Taste



Johannisberger (Yoh-HAHNN-iss-behrk-ehr)

Elegant and crisp.

Liebfraumilch (LEEB-frow-milkh)

Full-bodied, clean, fruity and luscious.

Rüdesheimer (RUE-des-high-mehr)

Stylish, dry, delicate with finesse.

MOSELLE WINESBernkasteler (BEHRN-kast-ler)

Elegant, crisp and appealing.

Moselblümchen (MOH-zell-bloom-shahn)

Dry, fragrant and crisp.

Piesporter (PEAS-porter)

Dry, fragrant and slightly effervescent.

Zeller Schwarze Katz (TSEL-ehr SHVAHRRTS-eh Katz)

Dry and soft with a degree of effer-vescence.

Zeltinger (TSELT-ing-ehr)

Dry, soft, delicate and light.



Bardolino (bahr-do-LEE-no)

Light in body, soft and fruity.

Barolo (Bahr-O-lo)

A dry table wine, Velvety and full-bodied.

Chianti (Key-AHN-tee)

A full-bodied, red, dry and elegant wine.Valpolicella (vahl-poh-lee-CHEH-lah)

Robust, dry, ruby red with full almond-like bouquet and sparkling fresh taste.


Frascati (Frahs-KAH-tee)

Fresh, fruity, white table wine. Tree types: dry, sweetish and sweet.

Orvieto (Ohr-vee-EH-toh)

Pleasant white wine with a delicate aroma and a well-balanced, zestful taste.

Soave (SUAH-veh)

Light, dry with a fresh, gentle and well-balanced flavor. Delicately scented bouquet and excellent body.

Verdicchio (Vehr-DEEK-yoh)

Fresh, harmonious dry table wine with a subtle aroma.



Gewurztraminer (Geh-WURZ-trah-mean-ehr)

Medium dry, white, full-bodied and fruity.

Riesling (REES-ling)

Clean, dry wine with delicate flavor white wine.

Sylvaner (SILL-vah-nehr)

Medium dry, soft and fruity white wine.


Chablis (Shah-BLEE)

Very fine, white, dry wine.

Meursault (Mere-SOH)

Dry, white wine with a bouquetof ripe peaches.

Pouilly Fuissé (Poo-yeewine Fwee-SAY)

Very dry, vigorous white wine.

Puligny-Montrachet (Puh-leen-yee Mohn-trah-SHAY)

White, dry wine with finesse and lightness.

Vouvray (Voo-VRAY)

Light, fruity and fresh.


Beaujolais (Bo-zhoe-LAY)

Fresh, supple and fruity.

Chateauneuf du Pape (Shot-oh-nuf due POP)

Full-bodied, luscious and generous Rhone wine.

Gevrey Chambertin (Zhev-RAY Shahm-behr-TAHN)

Red, dry and rich in bouquet and quality.

Nuits St. Georges (Nwee-Sahn-Zhorzh)

Robust, fresh, red and dry.

Pommard (Poh-MAHR)

Red, full-bodied, velvety and robust.


Margaux (Mar-Go)

Delicate, velvety, well-balanced, subtle flavor.

Medoc (May-DOHK)

Full-bodied, polished and pleasant red wine.

St. Emilion (Sahnt Ay-meel-YON)

Fat, roud and red.

St. Julien (Sahn Zhul-YAN)

Great body and vinosity. Red and dry.


Barsac (Bar-SAHK)

White and sweet.

Graves (GRAHV)

Medium dry white wine.

Sauternes (So-TEHRN)

Sweet, white wine.

Restaurants by Specialties


Arby’s Roast Beef. 1402 Main St., 653-1655. Roast beef sandwiches.

Arjun’s. 4220 Oak Lawn, 526-4050.

Bijou. 500 Medallion Center, 691 -3037.

Celebration. 4503 W. Lovers Ln., 351-5681 Copper and leather accented decor. Specializing in family style, American food.

Clro’s. 3237 McKinney Ave., 745-9464.

Coco’s Famous Hamburgers. 12910 Midway Rd., 247-2277. American food, specializing in hamburgers.

Crossroads Junction, Inc. 2B28 W Northwest Hwy., 350-5755. Specialty is steak, live entertainment.

Crystal Terrace Restaurant. Music Hall at Fair Park, 821-0591. Buffet featuring prime roast beef.

Good Times Restaurant and Bar. One Main Place, 744-1834. American food, entertainment.

J.B. Hamby’s. 214 N. Akard St., 748-3426. Hamburgers, chicken fried steak.

Harper’s Corner. Hilton Inn Central, 5600 N. Central Expwy., 827-4100.

Houlihan’s Old Place. 84 NorthPark East, 361-9426. Variety of dishes, antiques and curios in decor.

Howard Johnson’s. 2900 E. Mockingbird, 368-9354. Specializing in clams, clam chowder and ice cream.

Ichabod’s Restaurant. 5500 Greenville Ave. No. 201, 691-2646. Variety of American food.

Jim Dandy Fast Foods, Inc. 2633 Swiss Ave., 827-3050. Fried chicken, hamburgers.

Kitchen Kettle. 1603 Elm St., 741-2744. American food, Southern dishes.

Lucas B & B Restaurant. 3520 Oak Lawn Ave., 526-8525. Variety of food, informal atmosphere.

Mad Cap Molly’s. 175 Walnut Hill Vlge., 350-5936. Sandwiches and bar.

Metro Food Shops, Inc. 3303 Gaston Ave., 821-5272 Variety of food, specializing in waffles. Informal atmosphere.

The Railhead. 6919 Twin Hills Ave., 369-8700. An-tebellum railway station decor with live entertainment. Prime rib, steaks, lobster, Alaskan king crab specialties.

Raintree Restaurant. 2828 W. Northwest Hwy., 350-5755.

Southern Kitchen. West: 2356 W. Northwest Hwy., 352-5220. East: 6615 E. Northwest Hwy., 368-1658. Chicken, seafood, steaks and lobster tail. Old South decor.

T.G.I. Friday’s. 5500 Greenville Ave., 363-5353. New York antique bar and restaurant.

Twenty One Turtle Creek Club of Dallas. 3883 Turtle Creek Blvd., 528-4090. Private club.

Victoria Station. 2910 Routh, 651-0381. Specializing in prime rib. Old railroad cars and British railway decor.

Wall’s Catering and Restaurant. 10749 Preston Rd., 691-4444. Specializing in cheese blintzes, rolled cabbage and apple strudel. Contemporary decor.

Wycliffe Point, LTD., The. 2525 Wyclifie, Suite 130, 528-2030. Hamburgers.

Yolk’s On You. 8202 Park Lane. 361-6511.


Arthur’s. 8350 Northwest Hwy. in Campbell Centre, 361-8833. Elegant decor. Specializing in prime steaks, seatood and crab Lorenzo.

Bagatelle Restaurant. 4925 Greenville Ave., 692-8224. European gourmet cuisine, semiformal atmosphere.

Bellmaster Restaurant and Club. 13601 Preston Rd., 661-9353. Continental dishes, seafood specialties, live entertainment.

Brennan’s Restaurant. One Main Place. Plaza level, 742-1911. Specializing in French and Creole cuisine. Featuring “Breakfast at Brennan’s.”

Carlos 4 Pepe. 3049 W. Northwest Hwy., 358-4357.

Chateaubriand. 2515 McKinney, 741-1223. Specializing in French and continental food. Greek decor.

Enclave Restaurant and Club. 8325 Walnut Hill Ln., 363-7487. Continental food specializing in meat entrees. Formal decor.

Ewald’s. 5415 W. Lovers Ln., 357-1622. Continental specialties including veal, fish and beef. Continental decor.

1520 A.D. 3800 W. Northwest Hwy., 350-5748. Dinner theater, medieval English decor.

Gran’ Crystal Palace Theatre. 2424 Swiss Ave., 824-1263. Dinner theater, formal dining.

Grape Restaurant, The. 2808 Greenville Ave., 823-0133. European cafe specializing in cheese, wine, homemade soups.

Marlo’s. 135 Turtle Creek Vlge., 521-1135. Elegant, intimate decor. Specializing in continental cuisine.

Mr. Peppe. 5617 W. Lovers Ln., 352-5976. Specializing in pepper steak, veal cordon bleu, rack of lamb.

Old House. 5720 E. Mockingbird Ln., 821-9200.

Papillon. 7940 N. Central Expwy., 691-7455.

Prickly Pear. 403 Northgate Plaza, north of Hwy. 183 on McArthur Blvd., Irving, 252-5554.

World Trade Center Club. 2050 Stemmons Fwy., 744-1104. Specializing in international cuisine. Elegant Southwestern decor.


La Crèperie. 2800 Routh, 651 -0506. Wide variety of crepes.

Magic Pan. 434 NorthPark Ctr., 692-7574. Specializing in 21 varieties of crepes tor lunch, dinner and late supper. French country inn decor.


Calluaud’s Restaurant. 2917 Fairmount, 745-9571. French cuisine specializing in Quiche Lorraine, fresh salmon, steak au poivre vert.

Chablls. 125 The Quadrangle, 651-0290.

La VieilIe Varsovie. 2610 Maple. 528-0032. Specializing in French cuisine. Old world atmosphere.

Le Bistro. 3716 Bowser, 528-4181. French food, tormal atmosphere.

Marcel’s Restaurant. 5721 W. Lovers Ln., 358-2103. French chef-owner specializes in dover sole and Beef Wellington. French provincial decor.

Patry’s Restaurant. 2504 McKinney, 748-3754. Specialties are chicken marinated, roast rack of lamb and duck.

Pyramid Room. Fairmont Hotel, Ross and Akard, 748-5454. Gourmet food.


Black Forest Bakery. 5819 Blackwell, 368-4490.

Blue Front Restaurant. 1310 Elm St., lower level, 741-7560. Specializing in pig knuckles, polish sausage, potato salad and homemade soups.

Jagerstube Restaurant. 7811 Inwood Rd., 352-5812. German food.


Goldfinger. 2905 Cridelle, 350-6983. Specializing in Greek and continental food. Modern Greek decor.

The Torch. 3620 W. Davis, 331-5221. Specializing in Greek cuisine. Greek decor.

Zorba Greek Cafe. 202 N. Ervay, 745-9369. Greek food.


Gino’s Restaurant. 5217 Ross Ave., 824-1410. Italian specialties. Family atmosphere.

Godfather, The. 6550 Abrams, 341-8724. Italian specialties.

lannl’s Italian Restaurant. 2230 Greenville Ave., 826-6161. Italian garden decor. Specializing in homemade pastas and Italian delicacies.

II Sorrento. 8616 Turtle Creek Blvd., 352-8759. Old Italian decor. Classical Italian cuisine specializing in hot antipasto, cannellon and veal zingara.

Old Spaghetti Warehouse. 1815 N. Market, 651-8475. Specializing in spaghetti and lasagna with San Francisco sour dough bread. Authentic antique decor.

Spaghetti Store. 2731 W. Northwest Hwy., 350-5736. 1212 N. Collins (Arlington), 7500 Hwy. 80 West (Fort Worth). Specializing in spaghetti dinners with various sauces. 1890’s antique decor. Featuring piano player.


A. Mariano’s. Old Town Vlge., Greenville at Lovers Ln., 691-3888. Mexican atmosphere. Specializing in authentic and Texas-style Mexican cuisine.

Annie’s Santa Fe. 6881 Greenville Ave., 369-8600.

Casa Dominguez. 2127 Cedar Springs, 742-4945. Specializing in Austin, Texas-style Mexican food. Spanish cantina decor.

Chiqulta Restaurant. 3325 Oak Lawn, 521-0721. Specializing in carne asada, chiles rellenos and flau-tas. Spanish decor.

Desperados. 4818 Greenville at University. 363-1850. Gourmet Mexican and Tex-Mex specialties. Mexican cantina atmosphere.

El Chico. 2031 Abrams, 821-5785, 165 Inwood, 352-3307; 305 Medallion Ctr., 363-0584; 110 W. Davis. 943-8610; 707 Preston Royal Vlge., 363-2671; 13247 Montfort, 661-2772; 3353 W. Northwest Hwy., 357-8264; 5412 E. Mockingbird, 827-2500. Specializing in Mexican food. Spanish decor.

El Fenlx Restaurant. 1601 McKinney, 747-1121; 120 E. Colorado. 941-4050; 5622 Lemmon, 521-5166; 6811 Northwest Hwy., 363-5279; NorthPark Ctr., 363-8621; Northwest Hwy. at Lemmon, 358-5246.

El Tapatio Restaurant. 5006 Lemmon Ave., 526-1420. Mexican food, live entertainment some nights.

Esperanza Restaurant. 1928 Bryan St., 747-5782. Mexican food.

Los Mexlcanos. 2525 Wycliff, Suite 126, 528-8180. Mexican food, informal atmosphere.

OJeda’s Restaurant. 270 N. Central Expwy., (Richardson), 238-9741. Mexican food, informal atmosphere.

Pedro’s Restaurant. 2905 Greenville Ave., 823-1641. Mexican food.

Pulldo’s Restaurant 9508 Overtake. 350-7301; 4924 Benbrook (Fort Worth). Mexican food, informal family atmosphere.

Raphael’s. 3701 McKinney Ave., 521-9640. Mexican food.

Tippy’s Taco House. 2853 W. Illinois. 331-4406.

Tupinamba Restaurant. 3071 W. Northwest Hwy., 352-8570

Villa Placlta Restaurant and Club. 13020 Preston Rd., 661-8354. Mexican cuisine and decor.


Benlhana of Tokyo, Inc. 12700 Park Central Place, 387-4404. Japanese food cooked on the table.

Canton Restaurant. 5519 W. Lovers Ln., 357-4486. Specializing in Chinese food.

China Clipper Cafe. 3930 McKinney. 526-9165.

China Inn Restaurant. 6521 E. Northwest Hwy., 369-7733. Cantonese dishes, intimate decor.

Chinese Palace Restaurant. 10011 Harry Hines, 350-7192. Chinese decor. Specializing in Cantonese cuisine.

Chu’s Restaurant 15080 Beltway Dr., Addison, 387-1776.

Ho Toy Chinese Restaurant. 3411 McKinney Ave., 522-8431.

Hoho. 341 Hillside Vlge., 826-0980.

House of Gong. 3726 W. Northwest Hwy., 352-8248. Specializing in Chinese and American food. Oriental decor.

Hunan Chinese Restaurant. 2230 Greenville Ave., 826-6161. Spicy Chinese food, small, intimate decor.

Japanese Steak House. 9515 Overtake. 357-4091. Specializing in tempura, teriyaki steaks, sukiyaki and teppanyaki. Japanese decor.

Kobawoo Restaurant and Food Store. 5732 Cedar Springs. 350-1072. Oriental and exotic foods.

Kowloon Restaurant. 4117 Lemmon Ave., 528-9980. Chinese food. Oriental decor.

Lim Yee Cafe. 2007 Abrams, 824-9503.

Royal China Restaurant. 210 Preston Royal Shopping Ctr., 361-1771. Chinese food.

Royal Tokyo Restaurant. 7525 Greenville Ave., 368-3304. Specializing in teppanyaki, teriyaki, sukiyaki and tempura. Japanese decor.

Sing’s Chinese Restaurant. 8409 Preston Rd., 368-4303. Chinese specialties. Oriental decor.


Colombo’s Pizza Parlor. 5734 E. Mockingbird. 821-9140. Spaghetti and lasagna.

Landmark Pizza ft Pipes. 6522 E. Northwest Hwy., 692-7027. Pizza, live entertainment, family atmosphere.

Pizza Hut of North Texas. 3811 Hwy. 67E., 270-7585. Many locations in metroplex. Pizza, family atmosphere.

Pizza Inn. 2834 N. Buckner, 324-1477; 2930 Walnut Hill Ln., 350-8850; 5337 Forest Ln., 233-9850; 3714 W. Northwest Hwy., 358-3431; 5460 Lemmon, 526-2560; 3140 W. Northwest Hwy., 352-3991; 2410 Illinois, 339-2241; 3626 Marvin D. Love Frwy., 376-7361; 3619 Forest Ln., 241-4104; 5450 E. Mockingbird, 821-1028; 2530 S. Buckner, 388-0471; 6565 Skillman, 341-1030; 2604 Oak Lawn, 522-9631; 200 Hillside Vlge., 827-7340. Italian family atmosphere.

Shakey’s Pizza Parlor. 6516 Northwest Hwy., 363-7281. Specializing in pizza and Italian spaghetti. Old English pub atmosphere.

Shotgun Sam’s Pizza Palace. 3249 W. Northwest Hwy., 350-5539. Specializing in pizza and “sam-wiches.” Gay 90’s decor.


Don the Beachcomber. 8380 Meadow Rd., 691 -7430. Specializing in Polynesian food. South Sea Islands decor.

Ports o’ Call. Southland Center, downtown on Live Oak, 37th floor, 742-2334.

Trader Vic’s Hilton Inn. 5600 N. Central Expwy., 827-3620. Specializing in Polynesian food. South Seas atmosphere.


Lakewood Seven Seas Seafood House. 6332 La Vista, 821-2161.

Long John Sliver’s Seafood Shoppes. 30 locations in the Metroplex.

Martin Louisiana. 10005 Preston Rd., 691-9282.

Oyster House, The. 108 N. Akard, 747-2119.

Red Lobster. Farmers Branch, 2833 LBJ Frwy., 620-2131, Garland, 1910 Eastgate Dr., 270-7515; Richardson, 401 W. Spring Valley Rd., 231-7118.

Sallmaker. 1300 Two Turtle Creek Vlge., 522-2870. Seafood specialties.

S & D Oyster Company. 2701 McKinney Ave., 823-6350.

Upper Deck, The. 2375 Promenade Center, (Richardson), 690-3665. Seafood.

Vincent’s Seafood. 2742 Bachman Blvd., 352-2691; 5416 Mockingbird, 823-5230. Seafood.


Little Bit of Sweden. 254 Inwood Vlge., 352-8084. Scandinavian decor. Specializing in shrimp, steak, cheese and hors d’oeuvres.

Heritage House Smorgasbord. 13444 Preston Rd., 387-8660.


Gitana. 3236 McKinney Ave., 521-4360.


Baby Doe’s Matchless Mine. 3305 Harry Hines Blvd. 741-9771.

Beef Barron. Dallas Hilton Hotel, 1914 Commerce. 747-2011. Specializing in heavy aged beet. Old West decor.

Bobby McGee’s Conglomeration Restaurant. 6400 E. Mockingbird in Hillside Vlge., 826-9020. Specializing in steak, lobster and prime rib. Antique decor.

Bodega Restaurants of Texas. 12810 Hillcrest, 233-6627. Steak, beef.

Bonanza Sirloin Pits. 802 S. Central Expwy., Richardson, 235-1100; 3317 W. Walnut, Garland, 272-7092; 818 W. Main. Grand Prairie, 262-2274; 1108 E. Division. Arlington, 265-9832; 35 Driftwood Vlge., Mesquite, 270-9832; 1320 N. Central Expwy., Piano, 423-6144. Specializing in steak. Western decor.

Bovarian Steak House. 7724 N. Central Expwy., 363-7848. Specializing in prime rib, steaks, seafood, fowl and beef fondue. Bavarian hunting lodge decor.

Buttery Restaurant. Sheraton Oak Cliff. 321 W. Kiest Blvd., 376-1411.

Cattlemen’s Steak House. 2007 Live Oak, 747-9131. Specializing in steaks, barbecued beef & ribs, prime rib and seafood. Western atmosphere.

Charco Broiler Steak House. 413 W. Jefferson, 942-6806. Modern decor. Specializing in steaks.

DaddyS Money. 5500 Greenville Ave., 363-8686. Specializing in steaks, lamb and scampi. Simplistic elegant decor.

Dunston’s Steak House. 8526 Harry Hines, 637-3513. Specializing in mesquite broiled steaks.

Jamll’s Steak House. 2907 W. Northwest Hwy., 352-9071. Specializing in steaks, lobster tails and rib dinners. Mediterranean decor.

Kirby’s Charcoal Steaks, Inc. 3715 Greenville Ave., 823-7296. Contemporary decor. Specializing in steaks.

Old San Francisco Steak House. 10965 Composite Dr., 357-0484. Steaks, live entertainment.

Pelican’s Wharf. Northwest Hwy. at Skillman, 361-9813. Specializing in aged beef, king crab, lobster, prime rib. California beach and wharf decor.

Randy Tar Restaurant. 7034 Greenville Ave., 691-7102. Steaks.

Steak & Ale. 3826 Lemmon, 522-1040; 7709 In-wood, 352-6178; 6726 Shadybrook at Northwest Hwy., 368-0811; 2712 Bachman, 350-2408; 714 W. Spring Valley Rd., 231-6579; 4415 Valley View Ln., 661-3360. Specializing in steaks, prime rib and lobster. English pub decor.

Trail Dust Steak House. Hwy. 380, Aubrey, (817) 365-2722. Specializing in 14 and 25 oz. T-bone steaks, mesquite broiled. Old Western decor.

Unique Steak & Seafood House. 1500 Commerce. 742-6304. Specializing in lobster, shrimp, seafood, steaks and prime rib. Modern decor.


Big Al’s Barbeque #2. 1807 Main St., 651-0382.

Buckboard Barbecue. 1330 W. Pioneer. 259-3525. Barbecue beef, pork, etc.

Bump’s Smokehouse & Saloon. 5734 E. Lovers Ln., 691-7320.

Elliott’s Hickory Dock. 4230 Oak Lawn, 526-9588. Barbecue beef, pork.

Genghis Khan Mongolian Feast. 4830 Greenville Ave., 361-0280. Unusual barbecue.

Henrlette’s Bar B-Q & Club. 2701 Live Oak. 823-9360. Barbecue.

Johnny’s Barbecue Roundup. 274 Exchange Park North, 352-9295. Specializing in barbecue beef, sausage, ham, ribs and hot links. American conventional decor.

Randy’s Barbecue Restaurant. 3260 Irving Blvd., 638-3692, Barbecue sandwiches and plates.

The Rib. 5741 W. Lovers Ln., 357-8139. Specializing in barbecue dinners. Old English decor.

Roe’s Pit Barbecue. 1414 N. Industrial Blvd., 747-9033. Specializing in barbecue, beef, ham. ribs, chili and Southern-style breakfast.

Smokay John’s Barbeque. 6412 Lemmon Ave.. 352-2752.

Tolbart’s Texas Chill Parlor. 802 Main, 742-6336.

Coffee Shops

Burl’s Cats. 2011 Taylor, 747-1070. Specializing in Southern-style meals.

Dannys. 8233 E, Thornton Frwy., 327-9842; 2030 N. Industrial, 747-7311; 721 S. Thornton Frwy., 943-0271; 3780 W. Northwest Hwy., 351-9693; 1745 S. I-35E, Carrollton, 242-9924; 8954 Stemmons Frwy., 630-5666. Modern decor. American food.

Dobbs House, Inc. Dallas Love Field; 11419 Garland Rd.; 311 S. Zang; 401 S. Henderson; 1221 N. Beckley; 3847 Cedar Springs; 3054 University; 6423 Hillcrest; 574-6501. Coffee shops, snack bars.

Kip’s Big Boy Coffee Shops. 2945 N. Buckner, 324-3411; 2235 S. Buckner, 388-4835; Lemmon & Inwood, 350-8866; 2600 S. Zang, 948-3371; Mockingbird & Greenville, 827-3798; Northwest Hwy. at Hillcrest, 363-4803; Gaston & La Vista, 826-4401; 207 NorthPark Ctr., 369-7243; Northwest Hwy. at Marsh. 350-8666; Forest Ln. at Marsh, 243-2441; Belt Line Rd. at N. Central Expwy., Richardson, 234-2441.

Texas Pig Stands, Inc. Five locations in Dallas.

Titche’s Coffee Shops. Main, Elm and St. Paul on mezzanine; NorthPark Shopping Ctr.; Town East Shopping Ctr., 748-4811.

Willson’s Coffee Shop. Republic National Bank Bldg., 747-1351.

Quick Lunch


Beks Charbrollers. 14 locations in Dallas.

Great Outdoor Sub Shop. 325 N. Akard, 742-0984. Specializing in submarine sandwiches and ice cream. Ecological decor.

New York Sub-Way. 1705 Live Oak. 744-2371. Eastern-style submarine sandwiches. Bright decor. Sanger-Harris Hasty Buffet and Delicatessen. Pacific and Akard, 651-2424.

Sub-Total Submarine Sandwich Shop. 1322 Elm St., 741-4211. Submarine sandwiches.

Tltche’s Buffet and Malt Bar. Main, Elm and St. Paul, 748-4811.

Top of the Stairs, The. 1404 Main St., second floor. 742-0006.


After The Gold Rush. 3120 W. Northwest Hwy., 358-3762. Hot and cold sandwiches.

Burger King. 5456 E. Mockingbird. 823-3562.

Brown Bag. 109 Northgate Plaza, north of Hwy. 183 on McArthur Blvd., Irving, 252-5613.

Cheese Shop. 6104 Luther Ln., 691-3474.

Dairy Queen. 2919 W. Davis, 337-4800; 3130 W. Northwest Hwy., 358-1348.

McDonald’s Restaurants. 2253 S. Buckner, 381-4343; 705 W. Jefferson, 946-0763; 650 N. Industrial. 741-2029; 10453 N. Central Expwy., 368-6552.

Taco Spot. 1024 Valley View Shopping Ctr., 233-4179. Located on lower level of mall. Mexican food.

Whataburger. 3319 Hansboro, 339-3930. Specializing in hamburgers, French fries, cold drinks and shakes.

Tea Rooms

Chimney at Willow Creek, The. 9739 N. Central Expwy. at Walnut Hill Ln., 369-6466. Seafood and chicken specialties. Charming Williamsburg atmosphere. Reservations necessary.

Garden at Carillon, The. 13601 Preston Rd., 661-3197.

Nelman-Marcus, Zodiac Room. Main at Ervay, 741-6911. Specializing in gourmet dining. Hors d’oeuvres served 3-5 p.m. Thurs. evening buffet 5-7:30 p.m.

Sanger-Harrie Carnation Room. Pacific and Akard, 651-2377. Provincial decor.

S & S Tea Room. 25 Highland Park Shopping Vlge., 521-9614.

Titche’s Restaurant. Main. Elm and St. Paul, 748-4811. BR>


Furr’s Cafeteria. 222 North Town Mall, 247-7175; 807 S. Central Expwy., Richardson, 231-1605; 1900 W. Irving Blvd., 253-7166. Specializing in American food.

Highland Park Cafeteria. Knox at Cole, Exit 5 N. Central Expwy., 526-3801. Specializing in variety. Food to go. 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Noon and evening buffet and regular serving line. Closed Sun.

Colonial-Jetton’s. 2050 Stemmons Fwy., 744-1104; 2001 Bryan Tower, 741-5370; Fidelity Union Bldg., 1511 Bryan, 748-1193; Insurance Plaza, 411 N. Akard, 747-4742. Specializing in variety, catering and carry out service. Modern decor.

Piccadilly Cafeteria. 1503 Commerce, 742-5875. Steaks, roast leg of beef.

Romana Cafeteria. 10425 N. Central Expwy., 361-9024. Specializing in variety.

Underwood’s Cafeterias and Catering Service. 401 S. Hampton, 331-8177; 10920 Garland Rd., 321-6700; 7828 Lake June Rd., 391-5100. Featuring barbeque served cafeteria style.

Wyatt Cafeteria. 1834 Abrams, 827-1040; 2205 Gus Thomasson, 327-7414; 6126 Luther Lane, 361-4039; 300 Big Town Shopping Ctr., Mesquite, 328-3891; 9630 Forest Ln., 357-6943; 930 Wynnewood Vlge., 941-5067; 6310 E. Mockingbird, 826-5662; 1104 Town East. Mesquite, 270-5792; 5600 S. Hampton, 330-1973.


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