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How to Live Small with Maximalist Style

Coco & Dash's Teddie Garrigan’s expert design tips on turning an apartment or condo into a home.
By Kendall Morgan |
Teddie Garrigan, Study & Family Gathering Room
Teddie transformed her apartment's original primary bedroom into her husband's new study. Stephen Karlisch

If you are downsizing in 2023 to a high-rise condo, or are looking to revamp and personalize your rented apartment, then turn no farther than Coco & Dash‘s Teddie Garrigan. During the pandemic, Teddie completely remodeled her maximalist Turtle Creek apartment with help from her daughter, Courtney. Now, her expert tips can help you turn your own spaces into the perfect expression of you.

Define the things that matter most to you before you edit. 

For Teddie, the big five are color, comfort, books, art, and family. During their recent refurb, her husband donated over 1,000 books to the Austin Street Center. Yet he kept a robust library of historical and political tomes that the Garrigans’ grandkids love to flip through.

Use how you feel about objects to decide which ones to keep. 

Says Teddie, “I think most maximalists that live thoughtfully believe whatever you have in your home has to bring some kind of positive impact on your quality of life, so if there’s something that doesn’t make me feel great, I wouldn’t have it in here.” 

Pick a palette that works in every room. 

The morning room establishes the apartment’s mix of cool blues with pops of green, while the living room carries over verdant hues with earth tones that reflect the color scheme of the study. The overall effect? Layered, yet never jarring. Explains Teddie, “It has to be restful.” 

Don’t make things too precious. 

At Teddie’s home, everyone is welcome to put their feet up on the elegant chinoiserie coffee table. “People who don’t live with their things are missing such an important part of life,” says Teddie. “That, to me, is the ultimate luxury: to have beautiful things but use them.”


Kendall Morgan

Kendall Morgan

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