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Taste Test: Take-And-Bake Lasagnas

From Carbone's to Jimmy's Food Store.
By Sarah Bennett |
Five different lasagnas
Chris Plavidal
It’s the holidays. We know you’re busy. We tested five local take-and-bake lasagnas to make your next get-together a little less stressful.


Jimmy’s Food Store

Jimmy's Food Store LasangaServes 6-8 | $35
Tasting notes: This is a safe, traditional, yummy choice, if a little light on flavor (the seasoning reminds us of a classic pizza). This five-layer lasagna has thicker noodles, and it cuts into squares well.
Perfect for: The traditionalist. The pizza-like flavor will feel instantly familiar.


Holy Ravioli

Holy Ravioli Lasagna

Serves 4 |$21
Tasting notes: One bite of this had us reliving our childhoods. With plentiful thick noodles and a traditional red sauce, the flavor profile is simple. Some of the cheese didn’t fully melt once baked in our oven. The appearance may not be the most refined, but the four layers transferred well onto plates.
Perfect for: The child at heart. The simple flavor will hearken back to your younger years.
(Large available by special order; serves 9; $40)


The Festive Kitchen

The Festive Kitchen LasagnaServes 2-3 | $25
Tasting notes: This pick is well seasoned and heavy on the meat and cheese, creating a nice balance. In fact, you might not be able to finish your plate—it packs that much flavor. This would be our warm and festive pick for any cozy, wintertime dinner.
Perfect for: The picky houseguest. This choice is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.



Carbone's LasagnaServes 6-8 | $50
Tasting notes: This one may be a little harder to transfer onto plates, but the end result is worth it. More flavorful cheese makes for nice, crusty edges on this rich lasagna. The three layers create a slightly flatter overall product and there’s not as much meat, but cheese lovers will rejoice.
Perfect for: The cheesemonger. This flavor profile equals a more sophisticated result.

Ciao! By Civello’s

Ciao! By Civello'sServes 8-10 | $35
Tasting notes: This choice has no cheese on the top layer and is light on sauce. With ricotta in between the layers, there’s little gooey cheese to bind the noodles together. But once baked, the lasagna cut cleanly and transferred onto plates well. The final result isn’t overly seasoned, and it doesn’t feel too heavy once you dig in.
Perfect for: The carnivore. This pick is lighter on cheese and heavier on meat.


Hors D’Oeuvres

charcuterie board Gather & Graze Dallas Hors D'eouvers
Gather + Graze Dallas

Don’t let your guests go hungry while waiting for dinner to be ready. Put out a charcuterie board curated and delivered by Gather + Graze Dallas, a company that will bring delicious treats to your door in the Park Cities, Lakewood, and Lake Highlands. All include meats, cheeses, and various accoutrements. Message the owners on Instagram with at least 72 hours’ notice.

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