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How to Get Rid of Mosquitos in Dallas

Happy to be bug free.
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Have you hugged a Mexican free-tailed bat lately? You should.

Despite their vampiric bad rap, bats make adept pollinators, killer exterminators, and, thanks to nutrient-rich droppings, great fertilizers—and homeowners would be wise to welcome them to their yards. Though there’s no surefire bat signal, the best way to attract bats is to put up a properly designed bat house in the right location. The trick to quick occupancy is a spot with lots of direct sunlight—east- and south-facing locations are best—that’s free from branches, wires, or other impediments. Instead of on a tree, mount your bat house at least 10 feet above the ground on a pole or the side of a building.

Types of Bats in NorthTexas

Triple-chamber bat house, $73/Wild Birds Unlimited

  1. Chamber Made
    “Three- and four-chamber houses with landing boards and tight construction get good results.” —Brad Frye, Wild Birds Unlimited

  2. Bat Cribs
    “The larger the house, the more inviting it is to females and breeding colonies. They are loyal and likely to return year after year.” —B.F.

  3. Central AC
    “In cooler months, bats will pack into the top of the house. When it’s warmer, they will drop down to get some ventilation.” —B.F.

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