Stash Design’s Scrap Mettle

Industrial chic reigns at the firm.

Gary Buckner is something of a trash collector. As the founder of Stash Design, the sustainability-focused commercial and residential design firm responsible for the interiors of Oddfellows, the Belmont Hotel bar, and Chicken Scratch, Gary amasses discards from manufacturers, mechanics, and the like and upcycles them into rustic fixtures and furnishings. But years of collecting left him with an excess of scraps with nowhere to go, until Gary and

Stash designer Kim Linder opened a store on Lower Greenville in December. The small space is packed with their signature brand of repurposed, industrial-chic lamps, tables, art, and accessories. Though a shop had long been a dream of Gary’s, it wasn’t until Kim, once a buyer for Neiman’s, joined the team two years ago that he thought it a possibility. 

“She was able to wrangle me in,” Gary says. “I’m the wild artist, and she’s kind of the … ”

“The ‘Whoa, Nelly,’” she laughs. “I make it a little more approachable.”

The pair have big plans for the store, including a design bar, where customers will be able to co-design custom pieces with the team. There’s also an upstairs space where they hope to host classes and events. 

The new venture won’t take away from their design work. In fact, they see it as a way to woo potential customers. “It’s a nice outlet for our clients to come and see what our capabilities are,” Kim says. “Sometimes it’s kind of hard to describe with words.”


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