Whatever feeds your soul—be it eating, cooking, or shopping—you can do it at DUO: All Things Culinary. photography by Kevin Marple

Where Foodies Feel at Home

In DUO: All Things Culinary, Lynae Fearing and Tracy Rathbun have created one tasty shop.

“We picked items for the shop that we loved and could pass on to our customers.” —Tracy Rathbun photography by Kevin Marple
The well-appointed living room is welcoming. The florist in the back corner beckons. Wait. Isn’t this supposed to be an upscale epicurean shop created by Lynae Fearing and Tracy Rathbun, owners of popular sushi bar Shinsei and wives of celeb chefs Dean Fearing and Kent Rathbun? Do you shop? Order flowers? Put your feet up?

And then you see them: French finishing salts, Joseph Joseph Technicolor kitchenware, Ercuis silver place card holders. Other senses start kicking in. Something tasty is simmering in the professional-grade kitchen. Tracy Rathbun is on hand to make sense of it all. “Everything at DUO is for sale,” she explains. “The furniture, the stone, the cabinetry, the artwork. We picked items for the shop that we loved and could pass on to our customers.”

It makes DUO a unique entry in the competitive epicurean market. The Greg O’Neal-designed space is more than just a place to buy pots and pans. Sure, Fearing and Rathbun have stocked their shop with a beautiful array of tabletop, linens, and gadgets as well as culinary delights including chef Fearing’s and Rathbun’s eponymous lines. But DUO also offers cooking lessons and “Food For” classes that focus on healthful meals. The shop doubles as an event space in the evenings. Local florist Stems has a boutique in the back. It all combines to make DUO’s deliciously stylish space a culinary center for local foodies to happily call home.

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