photography by Elizabeth Lavin

Why West Dallas is the ‘Next Big Thing’

There's a lot going on beyond those colorful warehouse walls.

GO WEST: If Dallas developers and city planners have their way, West Dallas will be a well-designed place to live, shop, and eat. All that, and you can bike the Trinity River. photography by Elizabeth Lavin
Big things are happening within the 11.3 square miles of West Dallas. CityDesign Studio—an organization made possible by the Trinity Trust Foundation and funded by Deedie and Rusty Rose—is taking on the task of neighborhoods and development along the Trinity River. Urban planner Larry Beasley and a team at City Hall are working to create an area that combines thoughtful design with neighborhood-friendly retail. Investors Butch McGregor, Phil Romano, and Stuart Fitts also have big plans for the area. The trio has joined forces to form Dallas Investments, and they’ve bought 80 acres of land—including those fun, colorful warehouses you’ve no doubt driven past. While the city and investors figure out their vision for the future, local artisans are taking care of business. On a recent visit, we checked out the work of a couturier, leather fabricator, and wood worker.