Old-Fashioned Christmas Gifts

Antiques make charming and unexpected gifts. 

Old-Fashioned Christmas
Antiques make charming and unexpected gifts.

Tastevins, tiny sterling silver wine tasting cups from the 1700s in France, were passed down as gifts from generation to generation in family-owned vineyards. They were later produced in glass and tin, and make a wonderful votive display. $15 to $545, at The Whimsey Shoppe. 1444 Oak Lawn Ave., Ste. 215. 214-745-1800.

An engraved antique silver wine bucket holds utensils on a buffet or can be filled with flowers. It does require polishing, but the old silver has such a wonderful patina. $375 for the bucket, $600 for a set of six knives, from Antique Harvest, at Lost Antiques. 1201 N. Industrial Blvd. 214-741-4411.
Editor’s Pick
This Murano glass zebra bowl by Barovier from the 1940s was probably originally used as an ashtray. Can you imagine putting a cigarette butt in such a lovely dish? $1,100, at Jan Showers & Associates. 1308 Slocum St. 214-747-5252.

The truly elegant 19th century English gentleman always carried a case for calling cards, and the most special were made with exotic finishes. For the 21st century gentleman in your life, choose a tortoiseshell case with mother-of-pearl in a harlequin design. Tortoiseshell, $495, tortoiseshell and mother-of-pearl, $825, at Lovers Lane Antique Market. 5001 W. Lovers Ln. 214-351-5656.

Owner Pankaj Dalal tells us Antique brass temple toys were originally used in temple festivals and typically depicted a historic scene. For anyone who appreciates the story behind the object. $60-$150, at Art of Old India Inc. 1030 Dragon St. 214-760-9216.

Pankaj Dalal, owner of Art of Old India Inc.

A delicate English amberina blown-glass pitcher, circa 1900, would look lovely with pink antique roses. For the princess in your life. $225, at Canterbury Antiques. 2923 N. Henderson Ave. 214-821-5265.
French farmers in the late 1800s placed a galvanized tin pitcher on the back porch for washing hands before going inside. Being French, and having style, their pitchers were brightly colored and beautiful. It makes a great gift filled with seasonal berries. $110, at The Whimsey Shoppe. 1444 Oak Lawn Ave., Ste. 215. 214-745-1800.

Debris Owner Joey Edwards and Rhea Ann Chamness                                               

Any self-respecting cocktail table needs a cordial set with an edge. Deco-inspired blown-glass cordial set with tray, $425 from Debris. 1205 Slocum St.


Watching the clock just got more interesting with a large 19th century Chinese mantel clock in chinoiserie and bronze. Try to figure out who the figure is on the reindeer—Father Time, a Himalayan monk, or a Chinese Buddhist? $7,250, from Gary Elam Antiques. 1025 Slocum St. 214-747-4767.

A late 19th century English transfer ware porcelain pitcher in turquoise with an Etruscan motif is part of a bath set—there are eight pieces, including a large bowl, vanity boxes, and even a chamber pot. So, knock out eight gifts in one—this would be lovely with flowers, and I’m sure the lidded chamber pot would make a great planter. $1,650 for the set, at John Phifer Marrs Interiors. 4623 W. Lovers Ln. 214-352-4949.

For a very special chess player, president David Stevens suggests an early 19th century Italian wood chess set and backgammon board. It is book bound in tooled leather and gives instant credibility. $3,625, at Orion Antiques. 1435 Slocum St. 214-748-1177.

President of Orion Antiques, David Stevens

A Japanese Satsuma camel teapot adds color and whimsy to the kitchen. I would steep strong green tea in it and listen to Buddha Bar music. $220, at Joseph Minton Antiques. 1410 Slocum St. 214-744-3111.
There are many frames on the market but very few as chic as this one. French beveled mirror from the 1930s with a lizard back, this frame is lovely from any direction. $1,800, at Jan Showers & Associates. 1308 Slocum St. 214-747-5252.

Best Buy
This beautiful bowl suits anyone who loves blue and white or loves to entertain. At 23.5 inches in diameter, it can be used for serving, displaying seasonal fruits, or simply admiring. $220, at Philip Maia Antiques. 1209 Slocum St. 214-939-5200.

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