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Local C-Suiters on Their Most Successful Leadership Strategies

Leaders from Texas Capital Bank, TimelyMD, and The MB Group on reanalyzing fears, helping others achieve their goals, and empowering employees.
| |Illustrations by Jake Meyers, headshots provided by companies
Jake Meyers

Susan Bryant

Principal, The MB Group


“People think that when you’re the leader you aren’t scared, but that’s far from true. Uncertainty in the world and economy can be frightening, so I’ve been working over the last year on reanalyzing those fears into possibilities. Changing my thinking allows me to dream about building a company that will impact people in big ways, and I’ve been relentlessly pursuing how to make this dream a reality.”

Kelsey Cunningham

Chief Financial Officer, TimelyMD 


“One of my leadership strategies is to be a partner and resource to others. I believe my role is to help others succeed in their initiatives and to play a part in providing the support needed to achieve those initiatives. To do so, I need to make time to understand their goals, how their role and department function, and be a thought partner for them. This is one of my favorite aspects of my job.” 

Ellen Detrich

Chief Accounting Officer, Texas Capital Bank


“I strive to empower my teams to think independently and to make decisions across the bank. I find that motivating them to do this is best accomplished when they know I will always have their back. Sometimes knowing they are supported is all someone needs to have the confidence to handle things on their own and take that step to grow their careers—so we can collectively achieve success.”


Ben Swanger

Ben Swanger

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