Jill Broussard


My Style: Charlotte Jones Anderson

The Dallas Cowboys Chief Brand Officer loves to accessorize and looks to her mother for inspiration.

What do you do?
“I oversee all business operations, strategies, and applications surrounding the team’s brand, as it is presented to fans worldwide.”

Who is your style icon?
“My mother, Gene Jones. She’s the perfect combination of grace and elegance. Her beauty radiates from within and is expressed thoughtfully in every detail of what she wears.”

How does your work influence what you wear?
“My workplace is filled with an enormous amount of passion, energy, and strength. I like to combine that with the right amount of femininity and grace.”

What inspires your style choices?
“My passions are football, fashion, design, and art. I think I combine those influences and reflect them in my wardrobe choices. They’re a big part of who I am.”

How would you describe your style?
“Edgy but feminine; sporty but elegant.”

What do you never leave home without?
“My accessories! They are definitely an expression of my style. My jewelry certainly tells its own story.” 

Do you have a go-to look?
“It depends on the day and the occasion. It’s whatever makes me feel most confident and uniquely me.”

Favorite store?
“Its not about the store; it’s about the people. Its about relationships. I value the opinion of those who know how I want to feel and what I want to accomplish. Marina Gray at Stanley Korshak is like family to me. She knows everything about me. We think alike … we dream alike.” 


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