Pretty Woman

I’d like to say a few words about the 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas. Turns out, it’s quite a hot topic—primarily because everyone has his own idea of beauty. And let’s just say that a man’s definition differs wildly from a woman’s. (Am I right, ladies?) Had men been in charge, we might have had a swimsuit competition, rather than casual face-to-face interviews in our conference room.
The truth is, we didn’t conduct the second annual 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas contest to find the hottest girls in town. That could have been accomplished during one night of bar hopping in Uptown. We wanted to find smart, charitable, funny women with great stories to tell. Like the Vietnamese beauty business owner whose family spent time at a refugee camp in Arkansas during the Vietnam War before moving to Dallas to follow the American dream. Or the fashion designer and hip-hop dance instructor who donates proceeds from her clothing sales to an organization that provides food, shelter, and training to women and children who have been rescued from slavery and prostitution. Or the Costa Rican television anchor who moved to Dallas without knowing a soul—or speaking the language. (Hint: Check out the cover.) Or the gorgeous grandmother who founded a nutrition company to help her daughter stay healthy through multiple surgeries.

Frankly, with a few good genes and a top-notch plastic surgeon, any girl can be pretty. But to be one of the 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas requires strength, charisma, and a charitable soul. They are the kind of women we should all aspire to be.

All the best,

Jennifer Chininis
Executive Editor
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