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Brow Treatments

The right eyebrow shape can be an instant facelift. Here are some tips from the pros for getting the best-looking brows.
By Alexis Pond |

A lovely, symmetrical face starts with a full eyebrow, the biggest beauty accessory on the runways this year.

“The full brow has been coming back for the last couple of years,” says eyebrow guru and celebrity makeup artist Ramy. Brows should not be trendy; they should be classic. “You shouldn’t be able to tell what era it was when you look back at your pictures,” he adds.

First, ask an expert, such as Kim Mathis of the Anastasia Brow Studio at Nordstrom NorthPark, how to get the perfect arch. Then brace yourself and let your brows grow. When strays come in, leave them—they are the start of your new look. Then choose one of the following techniques for maintaining those eye-catching eyebrows.

Plucking and Waxing
Benefits: The most common technique is also the quickest and creates a clean line.
How Often: It could take two to three months to grow out your brows, depending on how skinny they were to start. Once they reach the desired fullness, wax and pluck every four to six weeks. It’s also important to groom daily.
Where To Go: Lisa Jordan with Eliza’s Eyes at Exhale Spa, Hotel Palomar, 5300 E. Mockingbird Ln. 214-370-5800 or
Cost: $85 for the first time; $65 after that
Expert Advice: “Most important is to just let your brows be when growing them out. Don’t go by what’s in style. Go by what looks best on you.” —Lisa Jordan

This is the most hygienic process, and it doesn’t peel or irritate the skin, which makes it a good option for someone on prescription medication for the face.
How Often: Every two to three weeks
Where To Go: Zaibees, 524 W. Belt Line Rd., Richardson. 972-980-7834 or Cost: $25 per visit
Expert Advice: “When shaping the brow, there is more control with the thread than when waxing.” —Zaibee


Benefits: This is the best choice for the person looking for permanent hair removal or who uses prescription medication on the face. The skin is thin and may be dangerous to wax, which can cause scarring.
How Often: The growth cycle on the brows is about nine months if you’ve been waxing or tweezing. Once the hair grows in, the electrologist shapes your brow and shaves the hair that will be removed. In the beginning, expect to go every two to three weeks; as the hair thins out, there will be more time between visits.
Where To Go: Lynne Rains, 3878 Oak Lawn Ave., Ste. 614. 214-526-6160 or
Cost: $600 on average over nine months
Expert Advice: “A skinny brow can age a woman.” —Lynne Rains

Eyebrow Transplant
It’s a good option for someone who’s overplucked or has permanent brow makeup.
How Often: For most patients, one or two procedures that take about two to three hours
Where To Go: Kathryn Duplantis, M.D., 6750 Hillcrest Plaza Dr., Ste. 223. 972-934-9808 or
Cost: $3,600 for both brows
Expert Advice: “Make sure the doctor has been performing brow transplants for several years. It’s not an easy surgery.” —Dr. Duplantis

For beautiful brows, groom with an eyebrow brush. Then use a growth stimulator such as Anastasia’s Nu Brow ($35/Sephora), which is designed to condition, repair, and restore the eyebrows.

( Tips for Tweezing at Home )

• When it’s time for an at-home cleanup, stand two to three feet   from the mirror, then walk toward it. The hairs that need to go will show themselves. Starting from up close can cause you to overpluck.
• Good lighting is a must.
• Don’t pluck too much from the tail of the brow.
• The best time to groom is at the end of the day.
• Give yourself enough time. You don’t want to be rushed and overpluck.