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Like Kurt Eichenwald, I, Too, Have Occasionally Searched for Weird Stuff on the Internet

Let's all just chill a bit, shall we?
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You might have heard late last week about the internet goof committed by Kurt Eichenwald, the Newsweek writer and Dallasite. Kurt, who has written for D Magazine, was last in headlines for being assaulted on Twitter by a troll who intentionally caused him to have a seizure. This thing last week was kind of like that, only different. In tweeting a picture of his computer screen while dueling with a similarly inclined troll, Kurt accidentally showed the world that he had a tab open in his browser for a 212-page manga porn comic. Or hentai comic. I don’t know. It’s confusing. Kurt explained on Twitter that he was actually looking for tentacle porn, to prove to his wife that such a thing actually exists. And then the internet exploded. It got so bad that some people even apologized for kink shaming Kurt. This is the world. Today.

Think for a minute what would happen if everyone could see your recent searches. There are lots of reasons that any of us could be searching for something that, taken out of context, might look bad. To show solidarity with Kurt and to prove my point, here’s a screen grab of a recent browser window I was using for research purposes: