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A D Magazine Guess-tigation

Special D Magazine Guesstigation: The DMN and the Home-Rule DISD Group

Words are fun.
By Tim Rogers |


In today’s Metro section, above the fold, there appear two stories, a James Ragland column about the DISD home-rule effort (executive summary: “Whoa, I have some questions about this group. No answers. Just questions.”) and a news story by Matthew Haag about groups that oppose the home-rule effort (executive summary: “Some groups oppose the home-rule effort.”). As I say, the stories abut each other. What’s curious is that Ragland calls the home-rule group Save Our Public Schools (which also appears in the print headline), while Haag refers to the group as Support Our Public Schools. The explanation for this discrepancy is simple. THE GROUP IS SO SHADOWY AND SECRETIVE THAT IT WON’T EVEN TELL US ITS REAL NAME.