Photo by Bret Redman and Desiree Espada


Do You Like Design and Wine?

Do you also like to walk?

I could tell you all about the incredible Dallas showrooms participating in this year’s Design Center Wine Walk. (Okay, I’ll go ahead and name drop Gracie wallpaper and David Sutherland. Fine.) I could also tell you about the food, and the seemingly endless wine that you can (yes) walk with at said wine walk.

But you can read about that online here, so instead, I’ll tell you this: last year, D Home held their very first Wine Walk in the Design Center, and it was truly very fun. I feel strongly about it. I’ve been to a lot of events in my days with D, and this one will forever stand out in my mind as one of my favorites.

Dallas’ weather in late-October is finally lovely (a good amount of the action goes down outside). The flow from showroom to showroom was effortless and ideal for natural mingling with design-loving people (I’m an awkward mingler, so I can attest!). The food, which you’ll find in each participating showroom, was so, so good. I also spoke with Mariel Hemingway at one point (about what, I’m not sure), and my mom was incredibly jealous. At the close of the event, Dwell With Dignity’s founder Lisa Robinson spoke about her design-centric, Dallas-based nonprofit just as the sun was going down. It was a perfect night.

The second go-round will likely be even better. We hope you’ll join us for it. Maybe you’ll meet someone there that will make your mother jealous, too.