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What We’re Pinning: Not-Your-Average Patio Doors

Gorgeous ways to access the outdoors. (Remember that place?)

It’s cold and gray out. Again. But we’re trying to think positive here, people. Spring technically arrived six days ago, and we’re willing the tardy warm weather to hurry up and get here with our brains. And our Pinterest account, apparently.

Without really realizing we were doing it, we’ve been pinning a variety of gorgeous doors that bridge the divide between indoors and outdoors this week. Our door-happy board just goes to show how many options are available to homeowners today. On the left, you’ve got a steel paned version that’s essentially a walk-through window. In the center, a trio of french doors with pretty white borders serve as the perfect backdrop for a ladylike, manicured garden. And the industrial, pivoting doors on the right look great on a modern, loft-style home. What a perfect way to bring the outdoors in on a nice spring evening. Whenever we start having those. Any day now. Please.

It doesn’t stop there, either. Is raw wood your material of choice? Would your rather get geometric with it? Or do you fancy a smooth, sliding option? They’re all out there. And soon (we pray), you will be, too.

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