This is the kind of closet a girl can dream about.

Freshen Up Fridays: Closets

It's time to clear out closet clutter.

With the changing of seasons, the inevitable spring-cleaning bug tends to bite — sometimes hard. Here to help you organize those spaces in your home that need a little freshening up, Audrey Swanson is picking the minds of local professionals to share their tricks of the trade on home organization.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. After satisfying our spring-cleaning itch for the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, we have made it to the glorious and always attention-worthy closet.

I hate a messy closet about as much as I hate the frigid temps we’ve been enduring for far too long this year. This week, my partner in crime for closet organization is Kayla Williams with The Organizer Group. Her tips will help you clear the clutter and utilize your closet’s space to its utmost, which we all know is any gal’s real dream come true. Continue perusing to find out her simple steps to reach closet cloud nine:

1. Color block and separate by style. I’m a major proponent of this and might even name it the (drum roll, please) Golden Rule of Closet Maintenance. Lucky for all of us, it’s super easy to remember and keep up with. Put like items together – blouses with blouses, pants with pants, coats with coats… Catching on? Within those categories, hang each item according to color. I always go light to dark from left to right, but really it’s up to personal preference.

2. Refold and rearrange. For the armoire owners out there, make sure folded items are accessible and pristine. Refolding items that might have been ruffled and storing them near their specific kind will keep your drawers looking superb.

3. Hang ‘em in style. These black slim-line hangers from The Container Store have a velvety finish, perfect for keeping garments in place. Grab a Value Pack of them for less than 20 bucks, complete with 14 shirt hangers, 10 suit hangers, six clips, and four hooks.

4. Work in sections. Don’t go for the whole shebang at once. Conquer your closet bit by bit so as not to get overwhelmed. Perhaps take 15 minutes one day to go through your dresses and skirts: Find what should stay (what you actually wear) and what should go (what you think you might wear for that one occasion that could possibly come up in the near future, maybe, but never do). Re-hang the saves so they don’t wrinkle and are easy to spot.

Audrey Swanson is a D Home and D Weddings intern.