Pinterest Meets Practical: Stylish Home Workspace

Step into our (dream) office.

home office
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Real talk: I am in love with this office. I know I could style a room like this in my future home, and my fiancé wouldn’t kill me for girly-overload. I mean, it’s got a feminine vibe, but the grey walls and clean lines balance it out nicely in a way that could make both of us happy. It’s all about compromise, people. (Still pushing to get a spare bedroom turned into a second closet… that one isn’t looking too good.) Now, I typically just push all my furniture up against a wall and call it a job well done, especially when working with tight quarters. But I love how she set up her desk forward facing, like shes ready to meet with an important client any second. Let’s look at how to recreate this space.


A good work space requires good lighting, and this modern chandelier fits the bill. If your space doesn’t allow for a hanging piece, Z Gallerie also has a fabulous selection of modern floor lamps that should do the trick. For the colorful centerpiece of the room, this Company C area rug takes the cake. I love the floral in the original picture, but this combo of colors stopped me right in my tracks. B-e-a-utiful. If the price is a little steeper than what you want, surprisingly has tons of beautiful pieces with satisfyingly low price tags.

Next, you’re going to need someplace to put all your office supplies, including these fantastic Mean Girl quote pencils. Speaking of Mean Girls, I fell in love with these Safari canisters from ShopCityGirl on Etsy. They’re so fetch. Now for the essentials- a place to sit and a place to work. Enter Ikea. This sawhorse desk may not come with a lot of storage space (ahem, none), but that’s what a computer and the safari canisters are for. Get three of these lilac chairs, two for visitors, clients, or maybe just your husband and your cat, to polish the office off with a professional vibe. Make yours special, and dress it up with a great throw pillow. Side note: these chairs are actually super comfy. We have a few at the office and people keep ordering more because they like them so much.

Now I’m going to go spend my weekend roaming the endless aisles of Ikea trying to find the meaning of life by spending money on reasonably priced furniture.