To Celebrate Our “Life In Color” Contest, We’re Revisiting Some of Our Favorite Rooms

We’re pretty excited about the Texas Paint & Wallpaper/D Home Life in Color contest around here (check out the full details on how to enter). So excited in fact, that we all wore black today.

(Oy vey… We’re a sad bunch.)

But despite our sartorial subdue, we are color lovers, I promise. And to prove it, we’ve spent the morning digging through the D Home archives in search of our favorite color-drenched spaces from past issues.

It was a throwdown (think name calling, obscene gestures, hair pulling), but we all managed to come out of it alive (barely), and we eventually achieved consensus on our hue-tastic favorites.

First and foremost, there’s the technicolor high-rise from our November/December 2012 issue. Holy color Batman!

See the other rooms that made the cut after the jump


Moving on to something a bit more subtle, we were also smitten with the use of color in this Turtle Creek high-rise from our January/February 2012 issue. Like a good gallery space, the crisp white paint and the neutral, sculptural furnishings make the ideal backdrop for the eye-popping art.


On a similar note, we also loved the bold orange anchored by crisp white in designer Rick Janecek’s North Dallas home from our July/August 2012 issue.


Then there was floral and event wunderkinds Adam and Alicia Rico’s creative Vickery Place abode from the November/December 2011 issue. Their whimsical, artful master bedroom was a fan favorite, hands down.


And last but not least, we all went gaga for the Dorthy Draper inspired action happening in this Bluffview home from our September/October 2011 issue. The acid green and orange is pretty great, but the acid green and orange with a touch of red and a smidge of black? Total genius.

Ok, now it’s your turn…Have you designed a room that uses color in a novel, compelling, or  just plain cool way? Enter the Texas Paint & Wallpaper/D Home Life in Color contest so we can check it out.