Nate Berkus Aries Antlers Are Now Mine

Don’t you just love when you pop into a store, pick up your beloved Jimmy Dean Delights breakfast sandwiches, a birthday card, some laundry detergent, and the perfect little something to put atop your coffee table books? Yea, there’s really only one place in the world where these four items share a shopping basket–Target (or Tar-jay as we like to say around here). Honestly, I hadn’t checked out the Nate Berkus collection in detail with all the holiday madness the last few months, but now that the store has quieted down a bit I was delighted to throw this little find in my red basket this morning. The coffee table books on my den ottoman have been missing something–that little something that pulls it all together. And my new Aries antlers ($14.99) are the sure thing to make them look styled, but not too neat.