Love It and Leave It: Emily Johnston Larkin

Next up in our Love It and Leave It series is interior designer and blogger extraordinaire Emily Johnston Larkin. She runs her own interiors company EJ Interiors as well as design-inspiration blog Material Girls. I seriously love “shopping” with her on her blog–she has some of the most detailed posts about her favorite haunts around town, complete with pictures of course. She outlines below what she’s loving for 2013 and leaving in 2012.

Read on for her thoughts on the trends.

Leave It:

Vintage Industrial: “I don’t know if I can handle seeing one more reproduction antique steamer trunk, caged pendant light, or reclaimed wood coffee table.  This look is everywhere now and has lost its unique quality. We need to throw out all these neutrals and spice it up a little with some color!”

White Orchids: “Don’t get me wrong, these flowers are beautiful, but they are constantly used by homeowners and designers alike when accessorizing rooms and are always seen in shelter magazine spreads. There are plenty of other flowers out there to choose from (white hydrangeas, yellow tulips, pink peonies) so why continuously use the same one?”

Gray and yellow: “This unusual warm/cool color combo was incredibly hot when it first hit the scene a few years ago, but now that everyone from fashion designers to mainstream home retailers have tackled it, I say that it’s time to move on!”

Imperial Trellis: “l’ll be the first one to say that Kelly Wearstler is a genius when it comes to creating gorgeous fabrics, but ever since the trellis pattern started getting knocked off left and right and showing up in wallpaper, rugs and pillows, it definitely lost its glamorous “it” factor.”

Suzani Throws: “I know they are supposed to be classic, but when this trend blew up a couple years ago, everyone and their neighbor put these embroidered throws at the end of their beds.  I’m happy to say that I’ve moved on from Suzani throws and am now onto the faux fur throw trend!”

Love It:

Gold: “This warm metallic is definitely making a resurgence in the design world and is one of my favorite ways to give a room some sparkle. The great thing about gold is that it can go either modern (bright shiny brass) or more traditional (antique gold).  So we say- be bold and go with gold!”

Emerald: “Named by Pantone as their “Color of the Year”, this deep rich jewel tone is going to be hotter than ever. We adore emerald paired with other fun colors such as black and white, orange, yellow, or deep pink!”

Turkish and Persian rugs: “These antique rugs look great layered over natural rugs or standing on their own. We love a gorgeous, soft Oushak in a formal living room, or a graphic Persian runner in a hall or corridor.  The colors and quality that you get from these historical rugs are one of a kind!”

Animal motifs: “Whether it’s new or vintage, we are currently crazy for furniture or lamps with anything “animal” on it!  Our favorites at the moment are vintage elephant consoles, hoof legged benches, and gold ibis bird lamps.”

Gallery walls: “Out with the one large piece of art and in with the multiple frames! I have no doubt gallery walls are going to be big this year because of the “collected” look that people want to achieve in their homes. There are so many ways to pull off a gallery wall but our favorite includes mismatched old frames, off white mattes, and a conglomeration of sketches, photos, and abstract art.”