What Does Design Darling Donald Fowler Take to The Beach?

I’m jonesin’ for a little beach getaway in the worst possible way, but, sadly, it’s not happening, for me at least. However, for dashing Nest buyer and store manager Donald Fowler, some recharging in the surf and sand is imminent. He’s headed to Laguna Beach — his self-proclaimed “shut down” spot, and, well…I’m a wee bit envious.

But after putting my petty jealousy aside, I thought it would be fun to give you a peek inside Donald’s beach bag in lieu of our standard Thursday Tastemaker format. (Well actually, the beach bag peek was Donald’s idea — he’s dashing and smart…damn you Donald.)

So for your viewing (and reading) pleasure, herewith a little tastemaker voyeurism. The full low-down on all of Donald’s beach essentials is after the jump…


Donald Says:

Laguna Beach is the perfect place to clear my head and wonder rambling tides for a while. This means lots of time the on the beach. And I like to have some of my new favorite cravings along to make it special.

Trunks + A (Wildly Chic) Beach Towel
In my beach tote (a white KBA tote from Robinson Les Bains), you will find my new obsessions, starting with, of course, my new swimsuit. The one in my bag is the Monte Carlo anniversary print trunk by Orelebar Brown. The other essential piece is my Hugo beach towel from Missoni. The vibrant colors and energized zig zag pattern exude what I want from the beach… FUN!

Shades, Tunes and Havianas (Of Course)
Also in the bag… Randolph Engineering Aviator sunglasses (the same ones my dad wore when he was a pilot). They are the perfect classic shape and built to last. I also throw in solid black simple flip flops from Havianas. For tunes you gotta have the new Beach Boys disc, “That’s why God made the Radio”, Grace Jone’s “Nightclubbing” and “Hurricane” discs (“Nightclubbing” is one of my desert island CDs) and absolutely included is the new Scissor Sisters disc, “Magic Hour”.

But THE OBSESSION for me is the DJay app that I’ve downloaded on my iPad. I can create mixes with effects galore. I literally spend hours with this little friend… What else is in there?… Oh yes my Magnum  blue tooth portable speaker from the store. This is one of my very favorite things; Great sound and it couldn’t be easier to use.

Skin Soothers and The Leisure Essentials
Sunnylife’s beach paddle ball set and Elemental Herbology’s Skin Drink (it’s my after-sun secret) both from the store. So that’s it except for one last thing… Pencils and paper, no books. I’m working on a new musical so I hope to be doing some writn’ and relxn’! LAGUNA OR BUST!!!!!!


  • I would have to agree on the choice of beach towel…the Hugo is our most popular style for men, and Missoni’s Jamelia for the ladies.