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Leading Off (4/3/24)

The city of Dallas is really nervous about how many people are coming to watch the eclipse next week.

City of Dallas Warns About Eclipse Plans. City Hall hosted a whole press conference yesterday in the Flag Room to warn residents not to travel too far from their homes to watch Monday’s eclipse. They’re worried about traffic, mostly, and predict that 90 percent of the city’s 35,000 hotel rooms will be reserved by Monday.

Dallas Anesthesiologist IV Tampering Trial Underway. You’ll recall the bizarre, tragic story in 2022, when Raynoldo Ortiz was caught on camera tampering with IV bags before surgeries. Prosecutors say he injected the bags with dangerous drugs that led to cardiac events. Another anesthesiologist, Dr. Melanie Casper, died that June after taking an IV bag home to rehydrate while sick. His trial on 10 federal charges is now underway, and one of the five patients who had to be resuscitated testified that she feared she would die.

Hello, Beautiful Weather. It’s a chilly, sunny morning on a day when temperatures will inch no higher than the low 70s. The rain is gone for the rest of the week, although storm chances return Saturday night into Sunday.


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