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Leading Off (3/1/24)

Friendship-West gets a major win in its fight to keep a warehouse away from its property.

Developer Bails on Warehouse Plans Near Friendship-West. The megachurch sued to stop Stonelake Partners from building a warehouse near its property, which borders a neighborhood, a high school, and a government facility. Stonelake sued the city to argue that the project was within what the zoning allowed. A judge issued an injunction that temporarily stopped construction. Now, the two have reached an agreement that promises to work with the community to build something on the land that residents want.

City’s Plan to Slow Ferguson Road Does Not Include Narrowing. A traffic study found that the highly-trafficked East Dallas thoroughfare had about 1,000 crashes over the last five years. NBC 5 found that a consultant advised the city to narrow the road, but Dallas will instead install “pedestrian hybrid beacons” that will stop traffic at a few locations that lack pedestrian crossings. Neighbors don’t seem too happy.

AG Ken Paxton Goes After The Factory, Texas Trust CU Theatre. It’s the same deal as we reported earlier this week with the State Fair of Texas. Paxton is apparently suing any venue where he can find allegations that they denied entry to a police officer who tried to enter with their weapon while off duty. The law requiring entertainment venues allow them inside with their guns was passed in 2017.

That Wasn’t Hail Yesterday. The great Jesse Hawila is here to sort this out: the stuff that pinged off your house yesterday was graupel, “small ice particles that form around raindrops.” The water droplets freeze onto snowflakes as they fall toward the ground, which generates circular pellets of what looks like Sonic ice. Anyway, we’re back in the low 70s today and 80s tomorrow and Sunday.


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Leading Off (4/16/24)

Cloudy today, with a high of 88 and chances legal proceedings