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David McCloskey Talks About His Novel Moscow X

It's the second book from the Lakewood dad and former CIA officer.
McCloskey with his daughter, Mabel

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof wrote the following about David McCloskey’s new book, Moscow X, which dropped last week: “It’s a taut thriller [and a] terrific read, cementing McCloskey in my mind as the best spy fiction writer since LeCarré.”

I totally disagree. And I’m not just saying that because we learned in this podcast that McCloskey is not a D Magazine subscriber—despite the fact that Holland Murphy profiled him and his wife, Abby, last year for the magazine. We called the McCloskeys the most interesting couple in Lakewood. And he still doesn’t subscribe! His book sucks.


I’m kidding. I’m nearly finished reading it. Moscow X actually kept me up past my bedtime last night. It’s a good book. But I didn’t pay for my copy. Ha! Take that, McCloskey!

Here’s the podcast that Zac and I did with him. It’s better than his book. You can use this player or listen on your phone with whatever podcatcher you fancy.


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