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Leading Off (9/7/22)

Say goodbye to rain.
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The Jail is Overcrowded, and County Commissioners Spar With Judges. At yesterday’s meeting, County Commissioner John Wiley Price told his colleagues that the Dallas County jail is 88 percent full, with fewer than 1,000 beds remaining in the facility. The News reports there are only 73 beds remaining for women, over half of whom are in jail for nonviolent offenses. The district attorney says the county is largely meeting the state’s cap of 90 day detainment pre-trial, but acknowledges that the felony case backlog is gumming up the works.

Irving Food Bank Damaged by Floodwaters. The Irving Schools Foundation, which operates the city’s food bank, says water was sitting in its facility for days after the recent floods. Its CEO reports damaged furniture, shelving units, and a forklift. Volunteers have helped meet demand while workers deal with the damage.

Arlington Teen Arrested for Bringing Gun to School. The student attended Gunn Junior High and had shown the firearm to another student last week. The suspect is a minor, and their name was not released.

Rain is Out, For Now. The forecast shows highs in the low 90s in the next week, with “slim to none” rain chances. Summer maybe isn’t over?


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