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Will you get rain this weekend? I dunno. Seems tough to say.
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Dallas’ Invitation Homes Kept Trying to Evict Despite Federal Ban. A U.S. House committee yesterday unveiled findings that showed four corporate landlords, including Invitation, had evicted residents and made record profits during the CDC’s eviction ban. Invitation also is accused of not sharing its eviction totals with federal housing lender Fannie Mae, which had in 2017 provided the company a $1 billion loan. Invitation owns about 80,000 homes across the country.

Will You Get Rain This Weekend? Hm. Tough one. Rain chances are 20 percent as a summer front settles in later today, dropping highs by the unbelievable amount of two degrees. Our last measurable rain came on June 3 and we’ve had 33 days of triple digit temperatures, which is already good enough for the 15th hottest summer on record. Here comes August.

Possum Kingdom Fire Sparked by Glass Bottles in a Trash Can. Sunlight bounced off the bottles in an open trash can and ignited some paper trash. The fire quickly spread to some nearby cedar trees, where it began burning over 457 acres around Possum Kingdom Lake. Five homes and another five additional structures have been destroyed.

Gov. Greg Abbott Spent Hours in Huntsville After Uvalde Shooting. In the hours after the massacre in Uvalde, the governor had maintained that he only attended a previously scheduled fundraiser to let attendees know that he “could not stay” and that he “needed to go to Austin.” But the Morning News used campaign finance reports and flight-tracking records to show that the governor spent just about three hours in Huntsville after the jet landed. He was driven to the home of a supporter, where he raised as much as $50,000. His campaign maintains that his comments that he had only briefly stopped there en route to a planned news conference in Abilene remain accurate.


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