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Leading Off (6/28/22)

Cloudy today, with a high of 91 and a chance of the Supreme Court destroying the EPA.
By Tim Rogers |

American Offers Triple Pay to Pilots. To deal with staffing shortages and high demand, the airline is offering to pay pilots for its regional carriers as much as $600 per hour to get in the air. July 1 figures to be the busiest flying day of the year.

Council Approves New District Map. The new map for Dallas City Council districts looks a lot like the old map, and it passed with a unanimous vote, though Pleasant Grove-area Councilman Jaime Resendez wasn’t happy with the process, and the DMN reports that as the vote was being taken, he muttered “[expletive] cowardly.” I assume the word that the paper couldn’t publish was “shitschnozzle.”

Dallas Hates Pedestrians. The city is short the $54 million it would cost to build all the sidewalk ramps required to get us in compliance with the 30-year-old Americans With Disabilities Act. If you use a wheelchair to get around, tough shitwheelz.

Plano Mortgage Lender Lays off Staff. First Guaranty Mortgage Corp., founded in 1987, laid off 428 of its 565 employees who work for its Plano office, citing “adverse market conditions.” Hold on to your shittenhausing hat, folks.


Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers

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