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There Is Actually a TV Reporter in a Major Market Who Goes by Scoop Jefferson

There are only two acceptable reasons for this.
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Last night, after the Mavs lost a dumb game in overtime to the Thunder, largely because Luka fell asleep on his defensive assignment at the end of regulation, I switched over to ABC Channel 8, WFAA, whatever you want to call it. Snow was on the way. I needed some Delkus.

And what the holy hell did I see? A guy named Scoop Jefferson was on TV, reporting from Denton. And he was wearing a ushanka.

Maybe I’m old school. But I have a hard time taking a reporter seriously who calls himself Scoop. Brett Shipp didn’t run around calling himself Scoop Shipp. David Schechter doesn’t call himself Schoop Schechter. And doing a standup in the sleet is one thing, but how’s that chyron going to look when Scoop Jefferson is reporting from the grisly scene of a mass casualty event, like if a polar bear eats an entire Frisco kindergarten class on a field trip?

There are only two acceptable reasons for Jefferson to call himself Scoop. 1) He’s had the nickname since he was 6 years old. Or 2) he lost a bet.

Scoop’s real name, by the way, is Steve. He came to us from Indianapolis, where they had nice things to say about him when he left. Indianapolis is the 25th television market in the United States. Just saying.


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