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Leading Off (12/14/21)

Cloudy today, with a high of about 70. Remember to lift with your legs.
By Tim Rogers |

Violent Crime Is Down in Dallas. Police Chief Eddie García told the City Council’s Public Safety Committee that violent crime is down 8.5 percent. Robberies are down 29 percent. And homicides are down 12 percent, which bucks a national trend among major U.S. cities. It seems like the city manager may have made a good hire with this chief.

RISD Board Accepts Superintendent’s Resignation Terms. At an emotional meeting last night during which board president Regina Harris wept, the Richardson school district accepted the resignation of Jeannie Stone, who had led RISD since 2017 but was forced out by troglodytes.

Faith Johnson Is Running for DA. The former Republican district attorney who lost in a landslide to current Democratic DA John Creuzot will give it another go.

Frisco High School Still Closed. After threats of violence were made on social media, Frisco’s Lone Star High School remains closed for a second day, as authorities triple check to make sure everything is squared away and safe.

Mavs Thump Hornets. Without Luka, Dallas went off, beating Charlotte 120-96, with Trey Burke pouring in 22 points in 23 minutes. The tortured lede from the Charlotte Observer: “The Texas-themed halftime show was planned for a while, even if it felt appropriately timed given the circumstances that unfolded in the first half Monday night. Dressed in a big hat wearing leather boots and some blue jeans, and sporting cowboy attire, a gentleman dug deep in his bag and pulled out several ropes, twirling them around as if he was about to rustle up some dinner. It was the perfect prop because Dallas essentially lassoed the Charlotte Hornets and hogtied them all at once Monday night.”

Headline of the Day. From the DMN: “In Texas, the Cadavers of the Poor Are Used to Advance Medical Science, Without Their Consent.” Speaking for everyone who has ever tried to get a cadaver to give its consent, I can tell you it is a stiff challenge.

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Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you. Be safe out there.
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