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DPD Chief defends redacting crime data, a family says their deceased relative was swindled out of his estate, and more North Texans sue Astroworld
By Peter Simek |

Dallas Police Chief Defends Hiding Crime Data. In a conversation with the Dallas Morning News‘ editorial board, Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia says the decision to remove most of the identifying information about people who report crimes from a public database came after a recommendation by the FBI. The now redacted information had been used in the past to report stories like that of Tony Timpa, who died in police custody in 2016. City attorneys and members of the police department are considering additional changes to the public database, including eliminating the live list of active police calls and redacting information about arrested subjects.

Family Says Notary Public Stole Properties From Deceased Relative. Arnold Young didn’t make a ton of money during his life, but the former elementary school teacher, who passed away last fall from prostate cancer, was a savvy investor. He had amassed an East Dallas real estate portfolio that included nine homes, a stake in a funeral home, and some land in East Texas. When Young passed away, his extended family expected to inherit the properties that were worth more than $1 million. But then they discovered that the property deeds had been transferred to a non-profit run by Belinda Tucker, a former Lancaster mayoral candidate, who also happened to be the notary public who notarized the deed transfers.  Tucker, who denies forging Young’s signatures on the transfers, now faces a felony theft charges.

Additional North Texans Sue Astroworld. A lawsuit filed in Harris County includes residents from Dallas, Lancaster, Farmersville and Arlington who attended the Travis Scott performance where 10 died, including a 9-year-old boy. Not all of the plaintiffs were injured in the crowd crush. Some say they are suffering emotional anguish after watching concertgoers around them trampled or killed during the event. The festival now faces more than two billion dollars in legal actions.

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