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Leading Off (10/12/18)

Sort of a slow day, but we could see temperatures in the 40s this weekend.

Work Is Finally Set to Start on Old DISD Headquarters. The art-deco front has been sitting alone on Ross Avenue since last year, when developers bulldozed the rest to prep for apartments. Leon Capital says it plans to finish design and construction before the end of the year, which sounds fast, but what do I know? I’m no developer.

Dallas Might Get Snow This Weekend. Haha. Just kidding. But cities in the Panhandle could. Here, you’re looking at a rainy weekend and temperatures in the upper 40s.

Dallas DA Finds No Evidence of Mesquite Judge Signing Blank Warrants. This is a weird and sprawling story, but basically a DWI attorney got dashcam video of his client being arrested and overheard the police officers saying that a judge had signed a blank warrant before. The police need to write a narrative and provide probable cause. The DA investigated the attorney’s claims and found it to be an unsubstantiated rumor. The attorney wants other cases looked at.

Stolen Mesquite Puppy Returned to Owner. Lots of Mesquite in the news today! Anyway, yesterday a video made the rounds of two men leaning over a fence and stealing a French mastif. The buyer saw it, and returned the dog to its owner.


  • Poetaster Dallas

    Did we enter a new dimension or is the date wrong?

    Also, northbound and southbound ALL LANES of I-35 will be closed from 9pm Friday 10/12 until around 1pm Saturday October 13th from Marsalis to 8th Street. People wanting to visit the zoo this weekend or head south, plan accordingly.

    • Matt Goodman

      What a lame way to signal that we’ve entered a new dimension.

      (Thanks for catching that! Double thanks for the heads up about 35.)