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Leading Off (6/19/18)

Expect some showers this morning, and the high today will get up to only about 82. Nice!

Robert Jeffress Billboard Taken Down. The billboard along the Tollway said, “America is a Christian nation,” and with Jeffress’ smiling mug it promoted some sort of foolishness at First Baptist. Outfront Media, the billboard company, said it removed the message after getting a bunch of complaints. Jeffress is blaming the media and Mayor Mike Rawlings. Good job all around, people. Let’s call this one a win.

Tristan Simon Returns With New Restaurant. The Victory Park joint is called Billy Can Can, and the DMN spent a lot of time poking around behind the scenes to see what it’s all about. It’s probably too early to call this one a win, but I’ll go ahead and call it a win anyway because Victory Park desperately needs a win.

Clay Jenkins Tries to Bring Immigrant Children to Dallas. The county judge is working to set up shelters here for some of the kids who’ve been separated from their parents at the border. This is another win, if it happens, but it’s made possible only because, as a nation, we appear to be losing.


  • Christiana Nielson

    As far as I know, there’s a duplicate Jeffress billboard still up on I-30.

    • Happy Bennett

      So this is “fake news”?

  • How is America being a Christian nation offensive?

    • OldLakeHighlander

      Maybe because it is a complete falsehood when one has a basic understanding of American history and the Founding Father’s writings and actions?

      • Are you too illiterate to differentiate between the nation and the state? The founders certainly weren’t, and a nation that was 98% Christian at its founding is a Christian nation, as is one that is currently 75% Christian remains a Christian nation.

        • Happy Bennett

          Jeffress and his Baptist Church never bothered me. What is the point of all this over hyped vitriol aimed at one skinny little Baptist preacher?

          • And one that is on a pretty poor theological foundation, to boot. But then, they prefer to argue against a buffoon like Jeffress rather than a properly trained and inspired apologist.

        • OldLakeHighlander

          Illiterate is an improper term for your argument. Yes I can read. I believe you are referring to interpretation of texts, which is a different subject matter entirely. The Founding Fathers were very adamant about the freedom OF and the freedom FROM religion. But that takes reading to understand. Are you literate enough to read? I ask because you are apparently not literate enough to use proper wording.

          • That you think being able to simply read and write makes you literate proves my point.

            Nations are not states — especially in the context of a sermon.

          • OldLakeHighlander

            “Nations are not states. . . ” I honestly don’t know where to go with this one. There is such willful ignorance and hate in you. I remember again why we all ignore you.

          • Try going to a dictionary.

  • topham

    Thanks, Tristan!

  • DubiousBrother

    Is Mexico a Christian nation?