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Leading Off (4/10/18)

Today is gonna be a banger. It'll be sunny and about 70 degrees. You're welcome.
By Tim Rogers |

Dallas Council Members Struggle With Share Bike Rules. Yesterday the Council’s Mobility Committee heard from city staffers who have been working on rules to fix the out-of-control share bike situation. But the proposed fee structures didn’t make any sense. They were so high that they would pretty much chase the bike companies out of town. So back to the drawing board. The matter won’t go to the full Council until mid-May.

Rockwall Pediatrician Suspended for Bizarre Behavior. The Texas Medical Board has suspended Dr. Kurt Loring Pflieger’s medical license for showing up to work in his pajamas and crying, shouting “Satan!” during an appointment with a patient, tossing a 2-year-old over his shoulder and dropping him, and doing other strange stuff.

New Report Brings Grim News About Race and Incomes in Dallas County. Today at noon, the Communities Foundation of Texas and the Center for Public Policy Priorities will release the Dallas Economic Opportunity Assessment. The DMN got an early look at it. Your executive summary: kids are poorer than ever (in 1995, 29 percent of students in public schools were economically disadvantaged; now it’s 73 percent); there’s a huge disparity in incomes based on race (white and Asian households had a median income of $68,800; black families made only $37,476); black folks have a higher mortality rate; and poorer people suffer longer commutes to work.

Mavs Need a Loss Tonight. It’s the last game of the season, and the Suns are in town. To improve their draft chances, the Mavs really need a loss. It should be interesting to see how Rick Carlisle tries to throw the game without making it obvious.

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