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“The Big D” or “Big D”? A Super Important Post About a Definite Article

What's the real nickname for Dallas?

Over the long weekend, I got into an argument on Twitter with Eric Celeste’s daughter (!) about the appropriate nickname for Dallas. She had taken Vice President Mike Pence to task for calling it “Big D” when he was in town. Ms. Celeste maintains that the proper nickname is “The Big D,” with the definite article. I’m not sure what’s going on here. Maybe it’s because her father is from Oklahoma. In any case, she is wrong. Clearly. As is the person on Twitter who said it’s “The Big D,” because Mark Chesnutt sings, “I’m going through the big D and I don’t mean Dallas.” “The big D” is divorce, while “Big D” is the city. I put up a Twitter poll to settle this. Apparently a significant number of the respondents also hail from Oklahoma.


  • OldLakeHighlander

    THE Metroplex (although an outdated term)
    Big D

    • We never say Metroplex. Please.

      • manny

        It’s “Big D”.

      • OldLakeHighlander

        Correct. Non-Dallasites may use the term, but Dallasites refer to the non-Dallas area of the DFW/North Texas area as “The Shithole.”

  • PeterTx52
  • Bizarro BigTex

    Tim, I hate to poke a hole in your balloon, but it is Metroplex to every North Texan who lives outside of Dallas. The Dowager Queen doesn’t get to choose how her court addresses her in private. Sorry, Big D.

    • The brave men at the Alamo knew they were going to die. They chose to fight anyway. Think of me as a modern-day John Wayne, fighting every use of that ugly word.

      • Edgar

        While we’re at it, let’s discuss how many spaces belong between sentences. One space is a fine rule for a copy-edited magazine, but two feels right for what I do. Thoughts?

      • Bizarro BigTex

        I guess that makes me William B. Travis (Laurence Harvey). We share the same dream of greatness for our area, just a different path to that glory. Tim, I stand at the barricades with you.

  • PeterTx52

    the original cast version


  • GlennHunter

    Tim, you’re right. When I got to Dallas in 1997 and wrote a newspaper column referring to “The Big D,” the publisher threw it back at me and snarled, “It’s Big D, Hunter, not The Big D.” So, that settles that.

  • EricCeleste

    I always thought it was Big D, too. Then, over the weekend, I realized I’ve been wrong. As are you, Uncle Tim.

    • I know you feel a paternal duty to protect your daughter, and you are to be applauded for leaping to her defense — even as that leap ends with you breaking your leg like Isaiah Canaan and having to be carried off this blog on a stretcher.

      • EricCeleste

        Hey, if you need to destroy relationships to find content for your blog, you do you.

        • EricCeleste

          (I of course mean with my daughter. Our relationship was reduced to ash long ago.)

  • @zaccrain

    Tim, sorry, I’ve been busy working on our magazine. Just wanted to take a second away from that to let you know I appreciate you bringing this conversation from your Twitter feed to our comments section. Also, I wouldn’t say either. Or Metroplex.

  • MattL1

    No article. But CERTAINLY no indefinite article.

    • Susan

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  • Doesn’t “the big D” also refer to something a little smaller?