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On the Zeke Elliott Suspension: Even a Liar Can Be Beaten and Choked

It's time to listen — really listen — to Tiffany Thompson's account.

Tiffany Thompson put herself out there. In a pink bra, black pencil skirt, and black pumps, her hair pulled back in a tight bun, a black choker tied around her neck, she stands in front of a wrought-iron fence on a sidewalk at night. Presumably it is in front of the Short North Carriage House, a vacation rental that Ezekiel Elliott’s father had rented for his 21st birthday in Columbus, Ohio’s equivalent of Uptown. She stands, expressionless, for a series of police photographs of her bruises — on her arms and wrists. There are several shots of her hands, but those don’t appear to be injured in the photos. In the police report there is a diagram, essentially a pencil drawing of a female figure where injuries can be marked. Ten areas are circled and marked with a “V” for “Visible Bruise, Mark or Injury,” from her neck to her knees.

Like everyone else, I had been reading snippets about the allegations of domestic violence against the Dallas Cowboys’ star running back in news reports over the past year. Then I called a friend in Columbus on Monday and found out, to my shock, that the entire police report — including the photos of the alleged victim in her bra, her home address, her cell phone number, her employer, and pretty much every other personal identifier other than her social security number — was posted online under the direction of the Columbus City Attorney, Richard C. Pfeiffer Jr., on September 6 of last year.

I have spent the last two days doing a deep dive into the 77 pages of the police report, recorded witness interviews, and police photos. And the most surprising thing to me about all of it is that, to my knowledge, no one in the press has provided a full accounting of the allegations. They have generally been referred to as just that — “the allegations” — in a vague way that has made it pretty clear that they had little validity, until the NFL issued Elliott a 6-game suspension on Friday. And now the discussion has become all about Thompson, the vindictive ex-girlfriend who has been out to get the star player ever since he got drafted, made millions, and broke up with her.

Yes, there’s a lot of contradictory information, both in the police file and in recent leaked information from the NFL’s 160-page report. Yes, it looks like Thompson lied about what happened the night of her 911 call. Yes, it looks like she threatened to blackmail Elliott with a sex tape. Yes, it looks like she makes very poor choices and suffers from extreme jealousies and likes to send a lot of threatening late-night texts to an ex-boyfriend she can’t quite quit. Yes, there probably was a fair amount of alcohol involved. But none of that means Elliott didn’t choke her, repeatedly, to the point she couldn’t breathe.

So here it is. Not a snippet, but the full account from Thompson’s recorded interview and written statements to police. These are the allegations.

To my knowledge, no one in the press has provided a full accounting of the allegations.

Thompson says she and Elliott had been dating for about a year and that the couple lived together in an apartment for three months, from November 2015 to January 2016, when Thompson moved back home to her parents’ house and Elliott left for Miami for training before the draft. A month or two later, Thompson moved into an apartment in Dublin, a suburb of Columbus. Thompson says that Elliott paid the rent for her apartment, as well as her car payments. “He pays everything,” she wrote in her statement.

Thompson says that several times during the previous year Elliott had lost control, pushing her into a wall and hitting the side of her jaw, leaving her face swollen and bruised. She filed a police report in Miami in February 2016 alleging abuse.

She says the latest incident started in Columbus on Saturday, July 16, 2016. Elliott was flying back from Dallas to celebrate his 21st birthday (on July 22), and he asked Thompson to pick him up at the airport. Thompson says everything was fine when she picked Elliott up. She took him back to his apartment on Canvasback Lane, where they hung out before going out in the evening.

Thompson says that around 3 a.m., back at the apartment, Elliott started receiving multiple phone calls. When she confronted him about why a girl was “blowing up” his phone in the middle of the night, Elliott said, “Don’t worry about my phone. Worry about yourself.” She says he started cursing at her and called her a “bitch” before getting out of bed, walking around to her side, grabbing her, and throwing her against the bedroom door. She says he then placed his right hand around her neck and started choking her for 20 to 30 seconds. When he let go of her neck, she says, he clenched his fist to hit her and she put up her right forearm to cover her face. She says she had a bruise on her arm from where he made contact, as well as a bruise on her neck where he choked her.

Later, when she was crying, Elliott asked her if she was OK. Thompson says he then said he was sorry and that he didn’t mean to put his hands on her, and he started talking to her normally, as if nothing had happened. At that point, Thompson tried to get her belongings and leave, but Elliott told her he didn’t want her to go anywhere and to lie down in bed with him. Thompson says she was afraid he would punch her again, so she lay back down, and they fell asleep.

When they both woke up, around 3 or 4 p.m., after sleeping in on Sunday, July 17, Thompson says everything was “perfectly fine.” They went about their day, but Elliott still wouldn’t let Thompson leave. She says she asked multiple times, but he wouldn’t let her take any of her belongings.

On Sunday night, Thompson says, Elliott had plans to go to a bar with his friends and she had plans with her friends. She says Elliott left first, so he left his house keys with her. She ended up staying out later than he did, so it appears that when he returned to the apartment, he was locked out. Thompson says Elliott started calling and texting her repeatedly, and threatened to smash her car window and headlights and key her car if she didn’t return to unlock the apartment. She says when she returned, he snatched his keys from her and took his right hand and twisted her left arm, resulting in a bruise. Elliott’s best friend from childhood, Alvarez Jackson, was there, and Thompson says that he told Elliott to let her go, which he did. But Thompson and Elliott continued to argue in front of Jackson about a two-week period when they had broken up and Thompson started “talking to” another guy. She says that during that time, Elliott repeatedly texted her, “I can’t lose you. I love you.” She eventually started dating him again. Jackson says he never witnessed any abuse.

She says he then placed his right hand around her neck and started choking her for 20 to 30 seconds.

After the fight, Thompson says, Elliott planned to leave the apartment, and he called a friend to pick him up. But when no one answered, he stayed. Thompson says she was still afraid, but she went back to bed and fell asleep, and then Elliott came and lay down with her.

On Monday, July 18, it was quiet for most of the day. Elliott went out at some point and Thompson says she stayed in the apartment with Jackson. But by Monday night, Thompson and Elliott started having the same argument in the bedroom about alleged infidelities. Thompson says that Elliott told her, “You’re in my house. You’re my puppy dog.” When she tried to leave, Elliott told her, “No, sit the fuck down.” Then he grabbed her by the arms and threw her onto the bed, saying, “Don’t move. You need to listen to me.” He took her phone and car keys, and when she tried to get up, Elliott pointed his finger “aggressively” in her face, poking into the skin of her cheek as she looked away. He kept smacking her face as she tried to look away, and when she again tried to get up, he told her, “No, we’re spending the whole day together. You have no choice but to.”

Thompson says the fight continued into Tuesday. During the day, she says, Elliott cried and said, “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. All I want to do is lay here with you.” He told her that his behavior “was just tough love” because “I love you too much.” They didn’t go out that night.

Elliott’s father, Stacy Elliott, says in an affidavit that he rented the Short North Carriage House, a vacation rental on W. 3rd Avenue, for Elliott’s 21st birthday party. On Wednesday, July 20, Thompson says, Elliott told her to go by her apartment to get clothes to go out with him that evening. He then gave her the address of the Carriage House, and she met him there. They went out for dinner at Genji Japanese Steakhouse, and to the Fourth Street Bar and Grill afterward. Thompson says everything was fine until they get back to the Carriage House, at which point she brought up “stuff that’s happened,” meaning Elliott cheating with multiple girls, and Elliott “lost it.”

Thompson was sitting on the bed when, she says, Elliott picked her up by her armpits and threw her against the wall, then carried her into the hallway and threw her against a storage closet door. She fell and hit her head. She tried to get back up, but Elliott came and dragged her back into the bedroom, saying, “Don’t play with me.” When she again tried to get up to leave, Elliott asked, “Where’s your phone at? I’ll call Johnny for you.” Johnny is the guy Thompson was seeing after she broke up with Elliott. Elliott called Johnny — he had his number, too — but Johnny didn’t answer.

Thompson walked to the laundry room, which was connected to the master bedroom. She says she saw him walking toward her, and as she turned around, he grabbed her neck, throwing her onto the floor. He got on top of her and started shaking her until she was gasping for breath, about 40 to 50 seconds. Then he picked her up by her neck and dragged her across the floor onto the bed, leaving bruises on her arms and wrists, rug burns on her right knee, and bite marks on her right shoulder. According to Thompson, Elliott said, “I’m not dealing with your dumb ass anymore. Try to leave and see what happens.”

Thompson says she lay down on the bed. “I was so scared to get out of bed and leave while he was sleeping,” she says. Instead, she stayed awake and lay there.

On Thursday, July 21, Thompson says, Elliott woke up and said, “What is wrong with me?” He and Thompson later left separately. They texted each other Thursday night. Thompson says she told Elliott, “I can’t take this anymore, and I need to get the police involved.” There’s a text that appears to be from Thompson that says, “Police are involved. I have to go to the station tomorrow for them to take pictures of me. Congrats bro.” Elliott appears to respond, “Why are u not out celebrating my bday with me. U said u wanted to spend this day with me but all u tryin to do is ruin it. U don’t love me.” Thompson replies, “You downtown? Lol.”

Photo by Elizabeth Lavin

Thompson says Elliott texted her that he was scared for them to be together because he didn’t want to put his hands on her anymore. There’s no text to that effect in the public record. Thompson says Elliot kept calling her and FaceTiming her, telling her she could get the police involved if she wanted but he was going to win. She says he told her she was lying and no one was ever going to believe her. She says he told her, “You’re just like every other girl.” Thompson says she told Elliott to cancel the lease for the apartment in Dublin; she no longer wanted to have any communication with him.

This is where the recorded intake interview ends and the police report starts.

According to an affidavit from a friend, Ayrin Mason, Thompson and Mason went to the Social Room, a club that Elliott’s father had reserved for the birthday festivities, around 11:45 on Thursday night. In her recorded interview, Mason makes it sound like the two started to party with Elliott’s group, and then he told them to leave and they moved across the room. Eventually they left when the club closed, after 2 a.m., and Mason says Thompson got into a face-slapping and hair-pulling fight with another woman outside the club. Mason broke up the fight quickly, which is confirmed in affidavits by Special Duty Officers who were working the club. No mention is made of injuries.

Mason says that Thompson told her there was an after-party at the Carriage House, and the two drove there separately. This is where Thompson’s account and those of a half dozen other witnesses, most of whom are friends with Elliott, diverge. Thompson says that when she pulled up at the Carriage House, where she had been staying with Elliott since Wednesday, he yanked her right arm and dragged her out of her car. She says he cursed at her and called her a bitch. Thompson called 911 around 2:40 a.m. on what was now Elliott’s birthday, Friday, July 22.

Witnesses later tell police that when Thompson pulled up at the Carriage House, she saw Elliott in a convertible driven by another woman, Taylor Sandbothe, and that Thompson approached Taylor and started yelling at her. Written accounts submitted to the police department later that day say Elliott and Sandbothe then walked into the Carriage House. Elliott’s written account says, and a few of the witness statements confirm, that as he walked inside Thompson screamed, “I am going to ruin your career, you have messed w/ the wrong person.”

In the same statement, Elliott also says that earlier that night Thompson had called him 40 times, and that “Tiffany Thompson and I are just friends. NEVER dated. She never lived w/ me. we had a sexual relationship that’s all.”

That last part contradicts an undated text message, presumably to Thompson, which reads: “U are my gf. I’m just reluctant to say it. Like I treat u like my gf. I want u to be. But I don’t act that way. It sucks. I can’t have u and be who i am.”

One could say that if Elliott is lying about his boyfriend status, that he’s lying about everything. That’s clearly not true. What people are saying is that since Thompson clearly lied about what happened in the street outside the Carriage House, and has sent numerous threatening texts to Elliott and others alleging that she was going to blackmail him and destroy his career, she is therefore lying about the domestic violence. After reviewing the full police report, I no longer think that’s true.

It is part of human nature to want to believe that we can recognize monsters, and therefore protect ourselves. That is much of the reason for victim blaming. If, as women, we truly believe that we can prevent rape by dressing modestly and not consuming alcohol and not going into “bad” neighborhoods, it makes us feel safer. It is a whole lot scarier to realize that none of that matters.

Because monsters don’t always look like we think they do, and victims don’t either. I learned that early on as a family law attorney, representing domestic violence victims in a rural Ohio county. I learned that the most polite, deferential men, who shook my hand and looked me right in the eye and gave me a wide, welcoming smile, were often the most violent. And that the women, who didn’t always tell me the whole truth and sometimes drank too much and maybe worked as strippers, were often the most abused.

When I met Elliott to interview him for our August issue of last year, I was entirely charmed. He walked straight up to me and gave me a huge bear hug, smelling freshly showered and still damp. I brought him Buckeyes, a small tribute to our shared alma mater. I wrote glowingly about the Missouri kid who loved math and his mom.

But after reviewing the police report of what happened in July 2016, I want to take that hug back. I will not wear an Elliott jersey. Because although Thompson may be an entirely unlikable and duplicitous human being, I believe her. Her recorded intake statement and her written statement are consistent. The pattern of the abuse described, as incredible as it may seem, fits the classic dance of domestic violence. That’s what makes it so frightening. And that is all that matters.


  • NancyNichols

    Brilliant, Kathy. Six games is not enough.

    • Paul Hiett

      Would you support your company suspending you for 6 weeks without pay after being accused of something, but are never arrested or charged?

      • NancyNichols

        If I’d signed a contract with a morals clause with a baseline domestic violence suspension of six games, I would expect the suspension. legal action is not required.

        • grkorbel

          Easy for you to say. What if you were falsely accused of a crime that might follow you for the rest of your career? Would you roll over merely to minimize the damage or fight to prove your innocence and restore your good name?

          • NancyNichols

            None of this is easy to say. It’s a horrible reality that is too often hidden. I don’t believe he has been falsely accused or I wouldn’t have spoken up. Sure the situation is complicated, but the woman deserved to have her side total worts and all. As Kathy pointed out, she’s muddied the waters and done some hateful things. But I believe he physically abused her. We too often want sports stars to be less guilty than a regular abuser.

          • Murali Patel

            If you dig deeper in Ms. Thompson’s past, you’ll see that this is a pattern, and not an outlier in her behavior; as such, I’m not sure whether she was assaulted. However, I believe that the Police did their job correctly, and I believe the prosecutors were correct in declining to press forward because they believed not only that Thompson was not a credible individual, but that they did not have a case.

            The unfortunate truth of society is that it is easy for an individual to cry wolf and secure a payday. It’s outrageous, and infuriating, because there are other men and women out there who truly are victims, and are unable to stop or confront their abusers.

          • likeucare

            Well if you believe her that’s all anyone should need, who cares about due process. There is only her word, from what I read in the article. Did you see her when she made the statements? You say “we” want to believe he is innocent. Not at all, I dont want people to just be able to just say stuff and if they seem believable (I have yet to hear someone who actually spoke to her say this) that is proof, not even considering if they are a confirmed liar and plots to extort the “victim” are uncovered. because there actually is evidence of that.

        • likeucare

          And what if you did not do it? Would you still expect the suspension? Is it required the allegations be the truth?

      • deke1

        Your job can suspend you or fire you for cause, happens every day, they don’t need a conviction in a court of law, it’s a different burden of proof..

        • Texas2009

          In Texas you can also be fired for no cause.

          • Pete

            Yep that’s right! Texas is a right to work state and as such does not have protections for employees in such matters, outside of what the federal law establishes

          • likeucare

            They can also be sued for wrongful termination and unemployment.

        • likeucare

          So are you saying one person making accusations and NO actual evidence that is cause? I suppose it has happened, but that doesn’t make it right.

    • Jake McVay

      Since you truly believe Zeke was guilty.. why not attack the justice system? Instead of saying “6 games is not enough”

      • NancyNichols

        see my reply above. I don’ t like that there was not legal action, but it’s not always required for employers to terminate or suspend employment.

      • grkorbel

        It was the judicial system that exonerated him. It’s Goodell’s odious “star chamber” that is a lawless, arbiter of what is morally right and wrong. It even says a player need not be found innocent of a crime or breach of conduct to be punished. That is some third-world, Banana Republic justice.

      • Pete

        The United States “justice” system is absolutely not a system of justice. It is an overburdened, freedom for sale to the highest bidder auction in which facts can be mitigated to the point of irrelevance if you have enough money. Because it has become exactly that it inherently favours those with both celebrity and money while others, most commonly

        • likeucare

          SOMEONE punched him, he was not even mentioned in the police reports. That is another allegation.All many of you need I am learning. It’s clearly true you WANT to believe he did it. Should every person we think probably did something should be punished? Do you know what the word precedent means? I hope you never have anything to take because you seem to be unaware there are people who will look for reasons to sue you if you have money.

        • Nathan Acreman

          But what if you are wrong? What if he wasn’t guilty. What if she did make it up? This is a case where everyone is going for their feels and not the facts. I don’t care if you feel like he is guilty, because that isn’t proof. I am one who would assume not destroy someone’s credibility and reputation on an assumption of guilt based on feelings and not actual evidence. The NFL should not be able to act without the evidence to do so, and contradicting reports from the accuser should always favor the accused.

    • DDubb

      I bet he doesn’t get more than two, after appealing. Even then he’ll file a lawsuit and want a stay, which will pretty much eliminate any suspension this year.

      • grkorbel

        You nailed it.

      • likeucare

        Either he will get nothing or he will get the full 6. Goodell is trying to make another example. Behold my power! I hate DV….now……see!

  • SkiBum

    Lots of stuff there. And how you dress and where you go and how much you drink DOES matter. It doesn’t 100% eliminate the risk, but it definitely decreases it.

    • disposition27

      Rape is never justifiable, no matter how someone is dressed or what they’ve had to drink. No one is ever “asking for it”. It’s sexist to insist a woman dress differently because a man can’t control his urges and may sexually assault her

      • Rape is not the alleged crime.

        • disposition27

          Yes, I know. I was responding to Skibum’s notion that dressing differently and drinking less would reduce her chance of being assaulted. But the problem is NOT how someone dresses or how much they drink. The issue is society victim blaming and assuming that men cannot control themselves so it’s the woman’s job to avoid being raped. It’s insane.

          And that is what the author of the article discusses. She said even though, as women, we do these things to feel safer…it doesn’t even matter. People closest to you can assault you, abuse you, degrade you. And someone YOU were asking for it.

      • likeucare

        Agree with this

    • likeucare

      I dont think those things matter at all in regards to this topic.

  • SkiBum

    Some important info left out here. There are text messages between TT and Ayrin where TT explicitly tells Ayrin to lie and claim EE pulled her out of the car. It’s clear from the text messages that he didn’t.

    • Kathy Wise

      That is another piece of the puzzle. I was straining at 2,500 words as it was, so I couldn’t get into every detail. This text you refer to is actually a little hard to decipher. The friend asks “Do you want me to lie about what happened that night bc zekes lawyer is about to call me again. Hurry text me back.” The response is, “Huh. Call me.” It continues along those lines. The implication is that Thompson asked her friend to lie, but there’s no clear response from Thompson telling her to do so. I kept this part out because it was not part of Thompson’s written statement or interview, and I didn’t have enough information to really explore it or put it in any sort of context.

      • William Watson

        But somehow you could find the space within the 2500 words to cite every single allegation & assertion against poor Zeke. Way to go, Kathy, way to go

        • Kathy Wise

          My goal was to give a full voice to Thompson, whether you believe she is telling the truth or not. The prevalent narrative in the press is that Thompson is a manipulative liar out to denigrate Elliott. You can find numerous articles speaking to the alleged sex tape blackmail, etc. But to my knowledge, no one has really looked at Thompson’s version of events. I think when you look at her statements as a whole, the story changes.

          • William Watson

            The one fact that you surely could have shared is the fact that Zeke is a Big Athletic Black Man and Tiffany is a lithe Blonde Woman. Shades of Emmett Till?

          • epm54338

            Put the crack pipe down, moron.

          • Elaine Katzen

            Where’s the crack pipe epm54338… or are you engaging in under-handed, sterotypical, cowardice-based, racist name-calling?

          • epm54338

            LOL snowflake. Your buddy is the one who hid behind the stereotypes. Only a racist, or race-hustling moron, would try to link Elliot’s situation to Emmett Till.

          • Will Ft. Daft Punk


          • Guillermo Torres

            I guess analogies are not your strong point. Actually, comparisons. Please stop publically embarrassing yourself.

          • Jason Abram

            Sorry Kathy you want a story…. And that’s exactly what it is

          • Pete

            How does it feel to trade your decency for the hope of a winning season?

          • Elaine Katzen

            How does it feel to trade your morality and belief in “innocent until PROVEN guilty”? Does Zeke and any other person accused of a crime deserve a REAL day in court? Or is it only supposed to benefit the pale and wealthy amongst us?

          • Guillermo Torres

            Be careful what you wish for. I do not think Elliott wants a day in court. He’d lose. And get this straight, Lady Einstein, the court system is far different than the NFL, where there is a labor agreement that gives the NFL the right to suspend whether it is Ray Rice KOing his wife in an elevator, a player who is doping, a player brawling in a nightclub or acting like a jerk. Don’t like it? Demand charges in a court of law, which Elliott would not like.

          • likeucare

            That is why he sued the nfl for his day in court. I agree though i am arguing about proving allegations,Goodell does not need proof. Why would he not like his day in court if he is innocent as he maintains? I keep forgetting people just believe stuff…because they feel like it.

          • Pete

            Yeah and O.J. didn’t kill Nicole

          • Guillermo Torres

            Could not have said it better. Thank you.

          • likeucare

            How does it feel to be a troll? The issue is really not about sports even in my opinion. It is about what does it take for someone to “Prove” an allegation.

          • Tim Deakin

            No one has any clue what happened besides Zeke and TT. The accuser has shown she is capable of lies, extortion, and threats. Does that mean she is lying about her abuse? Absolutely not. Does that mean I should be skeptical of her claims? Of course! She’s shown that she is capable of false statements/pondering extortion , not to mention the context of the situation. A million dollar athlete discontinuing a relationship with an average joe who’s many expenses were being taken care of by said athlete. Ezekiel is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Until that decision is made, not sure why the man is suspended. The NFL is better at investigating this crime than our legal system?

          • deke1

            Does your job need a conviction to suspend or fire you……they don’t!!

          • DDubb

            No, but they need a reason. Despite many states being a right to work state, if you suspend or fire an employee, you better have a pretty solid case and documentation to support that case. Because if not the employee can take you to court and claim discrimination, especially if the reason the employer is giving is something another employee is getting away with, or any other myriads of reasons. Elliot can take the NFL to court and claim the NFL is making a pre-determined ruling based on he said-she said evidence, and that they are depriving him of making a living for 6 weeks just to make an example out of him. He could force the court to determine the validity of the NFL’s policy, and it’s piss poor structure. He could sue the commissioner personally etc. There are all kinds of angles to handle an employer that deals out a punishment based on no concrete evidence just because of it’s fear of public backlash if they did nothing

          • deke1

            Goggle fired an employee last week for writing an article on company diversity,,,,Employees are suspended or fired every day in the country for what they wrote on their own facebook or twitter page on their own time under the code of conduct policy of the company,,

            See Tom Brady, Zeke hasn’t a hope in hell, most courts don’t want to get involved with collectively bargain agreements, that’s why Brady ran to cherry pick a judge in Minnesota who gave him an injunction on a procedural “process”, not the findings or punishment, the league appealed and the Federal appeals court ruled Goodell had the power under collective bargaining to suspend a player under the code of conduct policy of the NFL….the code of conduct is preponderance of evidence, that’s more likely than not he did it and four independent individuals not part of the NFL league office looked at all the evidence and concluded that Zeke did hit the woman…just like Brady, Zeke is sitting games!!

          • DDubb

            You are right about Brady and Collective Bargining Agreements. However there were a few differences. Brady ceased to purse the litigation for a few reasons, and a big one was because he wouldn’t have had a chance, being the fact he destroyed evidence (his cell phone). Zeke could make a mess of this if he wants. He might not be able to win, but he could sure bring a lot of bad press to what is a very unfair and slighted process under the collective bargining agreement. I bet the NFLPA kicks themselves in the ass everyday for giving this commissioner that much power.

            As far as your comments about the Google employee, and other individuals getting fired about what they posted online, it would depend on that company’s personal conduct policy. I have never worked for a company that has a policy regarding what people do on their own time. I guess they exist though. I certainly wouldn’t work there if they did. Many times employees have legal options and they just choose not to pursue them, or they don’t realize them. I worked for a company about 10 years ago that was 90% women. I was in a sales job and had WAY better numbers than my colleague in the same dept. All of a sudden, I found myself getting written up for absolute false allegations (I wouldn’t sign the write up) and eventually let go because the Salesmanager basically wanted her college buddy to have my job. I sued for discrimination, and her, her boss, and 3 other people were fired and I won a very sizable settlement. There’s almost always an angle to pursue if you’ve got the money to pursue it. If this case doesn’t get thrown out, because of the lack of evidence on Zeke’s appeal, I’d be surprised if he gets anymore than a two game suspension.

          • Elaine Katzen

            Good point. The extra-judicial CBA is but one of the culprits. Never should have been agreed to.

          • likeucare

            Difference is he did not release a statement basically saying Tom Brady was an abuser. That is serious and possible career harming defamation. If he had just said I am nearby suspending Him for the balance of several incidents which when combined have been detrimental to the league, I would have to agree he would win. But the allegations were very specific and damaging.

          • Texas2009

            And none of those angles will work. The NFL absolutely has the power to suspend someone. Workers can be suspended or fired for cause or no cause at all. Suing someone doesn’t change the facts.

          • likeucare

            I dont know if that have the right to tarnish a person’s image by accusing them of a crime. The courts shall decide.

          • Guillermo Torres

            So true.

          • Texas2009

            They absolutely do. If I was accused of a crime, my employer would fire me in a New York minute. There are certain standards of contact expected by employers except those owners who employ athletes. Jerry Jones hires thugs all the time.

          • Elaine Katzen

            Corporate AMERICA hires “white-collar criminals” all the time. It’s my calling in life to separate them from their cufflinks and then prosecute them all the way out of their Stetsons.

          • Texas2009

            The NFL was privy to more information than the Ohio district attorneys. The NFL had her cell phone records. In every instance the records show that she was with Elliott. The photographs taken of her bruises correspond with the cell phone records. The CBA states that a conviction is not required before a player is suspended. If a player doesn’t agree with that, they don’t have to play in the NFL. And no, it doesn’t matter what a woman is wearing, whether she was drinking or what neighborhood she is in. Rape is not about sex, it’s about power and control.

          • grkorbel

            You are absolutely wrong. There are at least two sworn statements that attest to the fact that late on Monday night and early on Tuesday morning (before 3:00a.m.) when she claimed to be arguing and subsequently beaten by Ellliot, he was not at his apartment and she was at a pool. And despite your thinking otherwise, alcohol consumption is a relevant factor in criminal prosecutions of this kind because it can compromise memory, distort recollection of time, and lead to conflicting testimony.

          • likeucare

            She stated this. Where is the proof about Elliots location?

          • likeucare

            How do you know what the Ohio DA had? So if She is with him and she has bruises that proves he bruised her? I am interested to know the intimate details you describe. Where can I view her phone records,pictures and the time stamps?

          • It’s a very intense piece. It has me thinking. Yeah, most people I talk to are like me. I think domestic violence is wrong so I really, really don’t want this to be true. Because Zeke’s a great football player and he plays for the team I’ve rooted for since I was seven. Which of course, is a ridiculous thing you bring up if the allegations are true.

            Thank you for presenting her side. You’re right, I hadn’t read it and you’re doubly right (though you never said it explicitly) I didn’t want to read it. I was (am?) perfectly comfortable with the lying, conniving, crazy, ex.

            Now, I’ve got some thinking to do.

          • Jake Benoist

            but its just that… its just ‘her statement’ as you just SAID

          • BOYZAREUS

            Her statement also said, I will blackmail you, I will ruin your career, because I should have that money

          • Jamieson

            Great article, Ms Wise. Clearly, people still believe only “virtuous” women can be brutalized. The level of denial is shocking-not-shocking–people would rather scrutinize what a woman wears than what a man does. Thanks for recognizing Tiffany Thompson is a survivor of violence & speaking up for her.

          • Elaine Katzen

            Tiffany Thompson was BEYOND virtuous. Women, caucasion ones included, regularly refer to themselves as “bitches”, are sexually promiscuous, and have serious character flaws like any other subset of people.

          • Guillermo Torres

            When did you join ISIS?

          • Elaine Katzen

            When did you start purchasing your TAMPONS from Dollar General?

          • Guillermo Torres

            Your mom’s shopping list was very clear: tampons, chewing tobacco, body oil, tree lights and Marlboros. As a reward for her services the previous night, I bought her — with my own money — an edible bikini. She loves the dollar store!!!!!

          • likeucare


          • nonyabusiness

            It doesn’t matter what we believe. Punishments should be based on evidence. Only 2 people know exactly what happened during that time, and you are not one of them.

          • Elaine Katzen

            It seems… Even a D Magazine Editor Can Press The Tip of Her Index Finger Against The Tip Of Her Nose Re: UNSUBSTANTIATED Domestic Violence Allegations.

          • Wormtongue

            Did you notice that there is really strong evidence of a crime in that she reported violence in a car, yet several witnesses said it never happened. Why would this not be making a false report to a police officer? It seems at least then that EE was the victim of a crime by Ms. Thompson.

          • Pete

            I seen you on with Mike Doocy – you conducted yourself with class and dignity! Well done! And once again, thank you for giving credence to a voice that so sorely needed to be heard!!!!!

          • Robert Grey

            There is a text exchange between TT AND EZ

            TT: Will you come lay with me for a little

            EZ: U gotta go

            TT: I’m sorry I just got my ass beat and don’t want to leave you
            TT: I’m sorry I want to spend your birthday with you since you’re going to Miami for the weekend.

            TT: Tate is leaving

            Also, Kathy, what you failed to mention, is that while the cops were there, she asked her friend to come downstairs and like to the cops about being pulled out of the car by Elliott. Here is the text exchange between TT AND her friend who drove to the after party with her and who also saw the fight.

            2:53am while talking to cops.

            TT: Come get me in the lobby
            TT: if they ask he dragged me out of my car.

            FRIEND: OKAY
            FRIEND: Just now?

            TT: When we got here
            TT: like we pulled up and he showed up then yanked me out, if the police ask.

          • Robert Grey

            Also Lisa Freil did not find her creditable.

          • likeucare

            The important issue here is not about what you or I believe about either of them. But since you bring that up I believe she is trying to get paid, denigration is only a possible side benefit. But if there is evidence he hurt her he should be suspended and they should re open the investigation. I just looked at what you wrote about her statements, what smoking gun am I missing?

          • Elaine Katzen

            Giving full voice to Tiffany Thompson would’ve rationally included you getting her to go ON THE RECORD. Oh, nevermind… your pseudo-journalism standard obviously doesn’t allow for that.

      • Jason Abram


      • steve oneil

        So let me get this right in every instance where we actually have a witness account to the situation TT has lied, but any accusation by TT of abuse in which there is no witnesses she is totally telling the truth … Oh and there’s also the fact she has repeatedly threatened that she we ruin Zekes career sounds legit.

      • grkorbel

        True, but in the sworn affidavit of Ayrin Mason (the friend Thompson texted about lying to police and saying Elliot dragged her from the car on Friday, July 22nd, at 10:42 a.m.) Mason states:

        “While the police were questioning Tiffany, Tiffany told me via text message to tell police that Ezekial pulled out of the car and assaulted, which is not true.”

        The piece of the puzzle was there and Thompson did not “imply” that Mason lie to police according to the latter; she understood it to be a request.

      • Murali Patel

        Those are fairly important details that you omitted. You were able to include seemingly mundane details, as well as your own Op-Ed on alcohol and wardrobe’s effects on rape culture in 2500 words, but, you don’t have room for unbiased facts?

        Yes, Zeke Elliot’s conduct is alarming, but while in a different vein, yours is as well. Thompson deserves a voice, but that voice needs to be tempered with the facts of the situation.

        I’ll sum it up in eleven words for you; from an unbiased perspective, you display a lack of journalistic integrity.

      • likeucare

        What a cop out.

    • likeucare

      She just doesn’t care. She believes!

  • Kecia Allamong

    Excellent article. Thank you for writing it with truth.

  • Pol Pot

    The intersection of sports and morality is always interesting. While much is being made about the NFL and Elliot, you will hear very little in regard to Floyd Mayweather’s documented past of domestic violence this week.
    But the NFL has to keep up the façade. No one (or at least very few) wants to be viewed as giving domestic violence a pass. The league made a decision that if they were to be wrong, they would rather punish an innocent Elliot than not punish someone and find out later they were guilty. Elliot is early in his career, he has the opportunity to recoup his losses either way.

    But how many NFL execs are going to tune in on August 26?

    • Chris

      But having that label of a “woman beater” tagged to you for the rest of your life is real. People view and treat that group differently, as Kathy said she would take back her hug with Zeke. If he did it, he deserves it. But you better damn well get the ruling correct, because there is no reason that if he is innocent that he should be treated as if he was a “domestic abuser.” To ruin someone’s relationships with others over a wrong verdict would be cruel.

      • Pol Pot

        The “woman beater” label is less damaging to a professional athlete making millions. Floyd is about to make record setting $$$$ in two weeks. He straight up has been to jail for domestic violence. Not saying it’s right, just saying the way it is.

        The difficult thing as fans is to see that the NFL is changing their standards midstream. It’s not about whether or not Zeke is guilty. The only people that truly know what happened are Zeke and Thompson, so there is a possibility of getting it wrong. The league has changed their stance and apparently would rather punish an innocent person that let a guilty person go unpunished (or punished lightly as in the case of Ray Rice’s initial two game suspension).

        • Jason Abram

          2 Billion

  • Alex Musso

    Why bother? She’ll just tell you what you already know she’ll say. If there is no criminal charges and no civil charges against Elliott, then he should not be suspended for even one single down. You want to boo hoo over a liar who may or may not have been beaten up? Go ahead. But if you want to punish people, prove the allegations. Simple as that.

  • Jeremy Brown

    If other witnesses had not been present, wouldn’t you have also concluded that Thompson’s account of abuse on the 21st also fit the classic pattern of domestic abuse? I think so and therefore we should believe her. Yet, it seems clear that she lied about that night (and may have admitted it to the NFL). So how predictive of truthfulness is correlation with the “pattern” of abuse? I think your method has a couple of problems. First, the “pattern” is so broad that most allegations would fall within, and second our efforts to bring the stories of past abuse to light have likely also educated people who make false reports.

    • Jason Abram


  • Jason Abram

    Wow… So you think he’s a woman beater! She said she would ruin his career!!!

    • deke1

      Maybe she said she would ruin his career because she knew he beat her…..see what I did there, just turned your argument upside down..

      • Dillon Sparks


  • Ron Reich

    No mention of Alvarez Jackson’s affidavit? I had to choose which version to believe as, IMO, the two are not compatible. Then there are the numerous other affidavits that contradict her version of events, how about those? Multiple witnesses that note no bruises at the pool…no bruises noted from witnesses at all until after the bar fight (note the affidavits about punches thrown). Wondering if you saw the same report I did.

    Scroll down to Ezekiel Elliott links:

    • Robert Grey

      I totally agree with you. Jackson’ testimony sounded pretty solid. The 2 officers who gave statements, said that the saw punches being thrown. Apparently the girl who was the aggressor, quickly left the scene, while TT was on the ground putting hr shoes back on. He also offered to call for medical help. No cop would make that offer if they didn’t think it was warranted. Her co-worker testified to not seeing any bruises, scrapes or cuts, before the 21st.

      I’m curious to know if she made the sex tape of her and Elliott having rough sex. She did discuss blackmail for 10-20k

  • Alex

    If Zeke really did put his hands on that woman, he’s a scumbag and should be suspended for the entire year.

    However, looking at the public info thats been out….. Zekes side is putting out actual evidence that this woman had intent on “ruining” his career. Lying to the cops, etc…

    Is there one shred of evidence that Zeke lied here? About anything that happened??

    The NFL suspended him because of pics and metadata. METADATA… any amateur techie knows that metadata can tell you things about where and when the image was taken… what the metadata CANT tell you is when the assault took place to cause the bruising.

    Lastly, and this is quoting the author of this article:

    “Thompson says Elliott texted her that he was scared for them to be together because he didn’t want to put his hands on her anymore. There’s no text to that effect in the public record.”

    Why is there no text to that effect in the public record?

    Why was this not subpoenaed?

    Was it subpoenaed and it turned out there was no text?

    The writer of this article does not seem to care —

    • Jerusha

      I guess those bruises up and down her body just jumped on her because she told some lies while in a state of distress and anger

      • Call-it-like-I-see-it

        There are several people that stated that they didn’t notice any bruises on her prior to her falsely accusing Zeke. This was after the three days where he allegedly abused her and before the bar fight. The NFL needs to come out and explain how they determined her bruises were caused by Zeke during those three days when several people have stated they didn’t notice any bruises on her. (After those days passed.) The NFL needs to release the 160 pg report with their findings, because their claims especially the ones about the bruises need to be explained.

        • Jerusha

          The pictures are available on line and reportedly the NFL scientifically determined they came from the time frame of the abuse. Quit defending that criminal.

          • Alex

            Haha… the NFL scientifically determined thats a good one. I guess the prosecutors office decided not to prosecute because they were not aware of this groundbreaking science?

          • Call-it-like-I-see-it

            The only pictures I saw online were pictures that she posted on Instagram after the fight with the other girl. Are there other pictures out there, before the fight outside of the club? I don’t think they are any out there from that time that have been made public.

            How do you think the NFL has scientifically determined that the bruises came from the alleged assaults? Heck, Zeke’s representatives said in a statement that several of the NFL’s own medical experts determined that the bruises came from times other than when she alleged he abused her.

            Again I ask (and will continue to ask) how is it that several witnesses claimed they didn’t see any bruises on her before the fight outside the club. The only pics of her that I saw where she had bruises were after the fight with the other girl. This is a big reason why Zeke wasn’t charged with anything.

            If the NFL wants to “scientifically” prove anything than release the report with their findings to support their claims against Zeke. Until then I will continue to question things regarding this case, especially if they don’t make sense.

            Some people just want Zeke to be guilty and don’t seem to care one iota about finding out the truth or looking at evidence that may prove that he’s not guilty. And that isn’t right. I feel like the league possibly be operating underneath this sentiment.

          • grkorbel

            Re: Scientifically determined: Claiming that doctors can scientifically determine when, precisely, bruises were inflicted doesn’t pass the laugh test–and even if they could establish a “window”, that does not identify how or who inflicted the injuries. Emergency physicians and forensic examiners are often asked to date bruises/contusions. This should not be done as it is too imprecise. The appearance of a bruise depends on three factors: the skin must be stretched/compressed enough to tear blood vessels without losing surface integrity, sufficient pressure must be present for blood to escape from the vessels into the tissues, and the escaped blood must be near the skin surface to be seen.

            Too many variables can affect the creation and resolution of a bruise. These include type of tissue injured (loose tissue bruises earlier), mechanism of injury, length, duration of force, depth of injury (superficial bruises appear earlier), skin color, health status of the patient, medications (anticoagulants, antiplatelet agents, steroids), and age. Bruises tend to show multiple colors as they age. Red and purple tend to be fresh. They then progress to blue, then to brown, yellow, or green. Color may help determine “early” or “late” bruising, but more precise timing on color alone is simply not accurate. Some studies do indicate that yellow will not appear in a bruise until at least 18–24 hours after an injury.

            Generally speaking hen you first get a bruise — especially one near the surface of your skin — it usually appears red. The color comes from fresh blood leaking into your tissues. Fresh blood is bright red because it contains both iron and oxygen. within 24-72 hours the blood becomes darker and your bruise begins to look more bluish or purple. After 72 hours a bruise becomes a deeper purple and possible black.

            On Tuesday the 20th, Thompson claims Elliot choked her while pinning her to the ground by the throat for 30 seconds, she even displays a photo of her bruised throat (not a police photo). Curiously, the police diagram of her injuries on 7/22/2016 shows no indication of visible bruises, marks, or injuries on her throat.

            How do you reconcile that with her statement to the police?

            Perhaps you should cease from presuming you know anything about investigations of abuse.

          • John Spearing

            so her getting her ass kicked by another girl outside the club is not a possible cause – the consensual rough sex with Zeke not a possible cause – hell her drunk ass falling down not a possible cause… her bruises don’t prove any DV case…. Zeke has not tried hiding his shady lifestyle as he’s let a lot of negative stuff come out just to show there was no proof of DV but it was a volitale relationship

      • Alex

        Or the fight that she got into with another girl which is on record and had multiple witnesses..but hey who needs facts right

        • Jerusha

          Take a careful look at the pictures. No way all that came from what was described as a short lived bar fight. He is a bad dude and needs to be locked up.

          • Alex

            Maybe you know something we all dont. Right now the evidence which is out there shows her lying to the cops, asking her friend to lie for her, texts with another friend talking about blackmailing him with sex videos. NFL’s own lead investigator on Domestic Violence cases Lisa Friel thought TT had massive credibility issues.

            Again, just going by what has been revealed to the public. IF he did do it, hes a scumbag and deserves to be suspended for a year. Right now however, its looking like he is getting railroaded.

      • Ridge blank

        I’m having a hard time understanding why she left the day before his birthday, and then showed back up at two separate birthday celebrations for him…

    • Elaine Katzen

      Apparently… Even a D Magazine Editor Can Press The Tip of Her Index Finger Against The Tip Of Her Nose Re: UNSUBSTANTIATED Domestic Violence Allegations.

  • James McWilliams

    This is a poorly written article, I’m more confused.
    I thought you would bring more clarity to this case
    And you did the opposite. Go learn how to paint, it will help you to tell a story, two thumbs down

  • Jake Benoist

    I like the open discussion, but your title is completely bias

    • Jake Benoist

      Plus, do you have the documented texts and messages which can validate all this “she said”?

      • Stejay Bee

        quit being a pussy and just call the author a liar

    • Ridge blank

      Yep, and I’m sorry, there is no actual evidence, just her words against his.

  • Raul H

    This is always such a ridiculous notion to me. It pre-supposes that men have zero control over their thought to sexualize and violate women because of their dress. I get that you don’t mean to justify rape but this argument basically says that a way that a women is dressed (sexy?) increases the impulse of a man to sexually violate a women. That whole thing doesn’t compute to me.

    It is worth noting what @BeirutWedding:disqus says below. Rape isn’t the issue here anyway. Elliott wasn’t accused of that.

    • Nathan Acreman

      You must be illiterate. He said there is never a justification for rape, but what you wear and what you do can make you an easier target. Don’t listen to that if you don’t want to, go to a shady neighborhood completely smashed wearing a midriff shirt and shorts skirt, let me know how that works out for you. My guess is you wouldn’t do it. That said yes men can control themselves, but you seem to think sexual predators are every man.

  • Gbear

    It’s a good article, after reading the report yesterday I came away with the same conclusion as the author. Zeke is a bit of a mess, a monster if you will, created and fed by an equally sick society.

  • Paul Hiett

    Why do we choose to believe someone who has been shown to lie over and over again? I don’t believe a word she says at this point, and why should anyone? Something tells me you don’t care about guilt or innocence, but about making sure a man is penalized without due process. Seems to me, you’re a militant-feminist, which we know is not someone whom we can trust to make rational statements when it comes to men.

  • Call-it-like-I-see-it

    I went and read through the public documents from a link that someone posted in this article. Including several affidavit. One important thing that stuck out to me and something that I hoped we would get answers about was did other people notice that Tiffany had any bruises/marks on her prior to her falsely accusing Zeke. And several of the affidavits that I read stated that people did not notice bruises/marks on her prior to her getting into a fight with another girl. That is important. Because if anyone had seen that, that could have helped her credibility/helped proven that Zeke may be guilty.

    But there is one report where someone that said that on one of the other dates that she claimed to be assaulted they didn’t notice any bruises or marks. And they had stated that Tiffany was out in bathing suit by the pool and they didn’t notice any bruises on her body. This is a big reason why Zeke wasn’t charged because several people stated they didn’t see any bruises/marks on her prior to the bar fight. It looks like there wasn’t any physical evidence prior to that for the cops to go off of. Which begs the question how did the NFL determine he caused all of the injuries they claimed he did on the 3 instances she stated if several people stated they didn’t notice any injuries?

  • Chris Walker

    Writer- are you a Caucasian person? You have no moral authority to weigh in on this matter because your natural inclination is to believe that the African American is guilty. This is our world today. ZEKE is guilty of one thing…getting involved with a gold digging white woman. The moment she feels used or not wanted…society had made it trademark for a white woman to say she was abused or raped by a black man. In turn the black man is guilty until proven innocent. It has been happening since slavery. Fuck white people and there cowardness as they go about life.

    • deke1

      Congrats, you exposed yourself for what you really are, and that’s a RACIST!!!

      • Chris Walker

        I white person is not allowed to call a black person a racist. Tmwhat I stated is the facts of life. I played football all through collage and it has always been the same issue with white girls and black athletes. That is the way it is

        • likeucare

          I call b.s. on you being a black person. Your discuss profile has only two comments…ever. Troll.

      • Elaine Katzen

        The writer of this article emanates from a group of the ORIGINAL American RACISTS.

  • Call-it-like-I-see-it

    I feel like the NFL needs to release the 160 page report they have about this case to try and bring more clarity as to why they made their decision. But for now for those who are interested can go read the links on

    Here is a link to all the public documents released so far by this case (over 77 pages), including affidavits, pictures, text messages, etc….

    I have some takeaways from all of this evidence. My biggest one is that there really any physical evidence suggesting that Zeke abused his accuser prior to her getting in the fight outside of the club. There are several affidavits that say that people didn’t notice any bruises/marks on her body. This a big reason why the cops had a hard time charging him/finding her credible. Some of the affidavits even mentioned that punches were thrown between her and girl she got in a fight with.

    Also, the biggest things I determined from the texts are that she tried to convince her friend to lie AND that her and Zeke seemed to interact like too emotional/needy young people. The stuff they were texting to each other seemed like stuff that a lot of young people might text to each other. One of the texts that I did find interesting was one where Zeke was texting one of his female friends. In those texts it sounded like he thought that Tiffany was setting him up by claiming to be a victim of domestic violence. Zeke’s female friend remarked in those texts that she wished they would work things out and thought they should be together. I don’t know that his friend would recommend that if she thought believed Zeke to be an abuser?

    If the NFL reports looks mostly like the reports I read including all of the evidence, I could see why they might be hesitant to release it. (Though I think they should release it). Because it’s not particularly damning of Zeke. His accuser’s recorded interview is more detailed with accusations against him. but there is a lot of evidence that points that he didn’t give her the injuries the NFL says he did.

  • Adam Medders

    Thank you for posting the article. I’ve been a Cowboy’s fan my whole life. I wish this all weren’t true, but I have the same suspicions you do. I have no doubt she’s crazy, but I also think those bruises showed up the way she says they did. Is the police report still available online? I’d be curious to read it myself and I’m having trouble finding it.

    • deke1
    • Call-it-like-I-see-it

      Here is a link to a lot of evidence about this case:


      Including the texts and several affidavits that mention that witnesses didn’t notice any noticeable bruises/marks on the accuser’s body days after she claimed that the incidents of DV happened. This helps explains why Zeke wasn’t charged.

      Here is also a link where you can access the police interview with the accuser and some other links with photos etc…

      Look through ALL of this information and it might help you understand more about why Zeke wasn’t charged, there are doubts about the accuser’s claim.

      • Elaine Katzen

        Thanks Adam. The information in your link continues to shine LIGHT on the accuser’s motives and the subsequent rush to judgment by the NFL and racist sympathizers with systematic racism and oppression.

  • Mike Cohen

    They need to take this piece of trash, Tiffany Thompson, and throw her in jail. Not only did she lie repeatedly and threaten to ruin and extort money from Zeke, she received bruises from getting into fights with other people and very likely intentionally self inflicted herself with bruises. She is mentally ill and is not fit for society. These false accusations and sociopath behavior will haunt her for the rest of her hopefully short life and she deserves every minute of it.

  • Tanya

    So on Saturday night, he beat her for the first time and she stayed because she was afraid Zeke would punch her. On Sunday night, he left the house to go out before she did. Why then didn’t she take that opportunity to pack her stuff, leave and call the police about what had happened the night before? Why did she wait until the night when Zeke kicked her out of his party and denied her entry into his after party to call and make the DV allegation? Why did she have cuts on her knuckles and fresh bruises on her arms? She claimed it’s because Zeke grabbed her out of the car and assaulted her, but that is proven false. She makes no mention of the fight she was in, which could have caused those bruises, which is dishonest. Where are the text messages that show Zeke texted her what she alleges he texted her. Why would she say “Are you downtown? lol,” after Zeke’s response to her saying she’s going to the police. I didn’t believe her before reading this, and I really don’t believe her now. I’ve watched enough Lifetime Movies to be able to fabricate a DV story too.

    • Tanya

      And other thing. I just went through the police report. Tiffany says in text messages VERBATIM “I’m sorry I just got my ass beat and don’t wanna leave you. I’m sorry, I want to spend your birthday with you since you’re going to Miami for the weekend.” THAT is what she is referring to when she says the police are involved as mentioned in this article. This is some very dishonest journalism!

      • nonyabusiness

        Thanks for that, I was wondering what she was talking about with the “police are involved” when I thought she didn’t call police till that last night after the party.

      • Elaine Katzen

        For the sake of clarity, this woman’s article is NOT journalism. It’s a pandering-piece sloppily put-together to ginger-up feminists, FE-males, red-neck racists who hate to see Black males involved w/ white females, and other CRAZY broads.

    • Robert Grey

      I’m totally with you, Tanya. Two veteran officers testified that they saw both women with each Other’s hair in their hands. And punching each other The girl who beat her up, left the scene and TT was on the ground, puntting her shoes back on. One officer offered to call for medical help. But she refused. He wouldn’t have offered that unless he thought she got beat.

  • DC

    Here you go. Read the ACTUAL police report, and see for yourself the things the author left out of the article.

    • Elaine Katzen

      thank you!

  • DDubb

    My thoughts are that if a big strong athlete was slapping around and throwing this little petite woman into a closet door and etc, she’d be a lot more jacked up then what those police photo’s showed. You mentioned in this article that she got into a fight with another woman outside of the club,

    “Thompson got into a face-slapping and hair-pulling fight with another woman outside the club. Mason broke up the fight quickly, which is confirmed in affidavits by Special Duty Officers who were working the club.”

    Has anybody thought that this incident is more consistent with the bruising in the police photo? It’s sounds and looks more plausible than taking multiple alleged thrashings by a professional athlete that has to work out daily as part of his living. Women bruise easy, and even a short scuffle (like the one reported) with another woman could leave bruises consistent with what she had. Matter of fact, I bet you anything she had more than one scuffle with more than one woman, as jealous as she reportedly is.

  • DFreeze

    Look, I’m just gonna be blunt here:

    As a black man myself, I will always give black athletes the benefit of the doubt in situations like this; especially when the woman in question is white. How many times has this happened to black athletes, hell, black men in general? We’re not too far removed from the days when black men would hang from the trees because they slept with a white woman, and because the woman didn’t want to face punishment from her father/husbands/etc, they’d lie about it. Hell, we’re just days away from the 62nd Anniversary of Emmet Till’s death; the little black boy who got brutally murdered for whistling at a white woman.

    To be honest, we don’t know exactly what happened. But I’ve seen this movie too many times before to fall for the same twist again. Because at the end of the day, she may be a woman, but first and foremost she’s white. It’s like Dave Chappelle said (in so many words): white women, you too were in on the heist (racism) you just didn’t like your cut (continued sexism and mysoginy from white men).

    Now, if the NFL knows something we don’t and releases evidence that proves Zeke did harm this woman, then he should receive the full justice of the law. But until then, I’m siding with my fellow brother on this one.

  • Pete

    Bravo, bravo. It is SO refreshing to hear someone in media finally stick up for the victim. I have found it utterly disgusting that all these fans who, if Zeke Elliot were a regular person and not an integral part of the Dallas Cowboys having a successful season, had seen him on a news report would have without hesitation believed that he abused her. It’s ONLY because he holds the key to a winning season that they are sticking up for him. If he was on another team they would all be calling him a woman beater. It’s putrid how these “fans” willingly and enthusiastically trade decency and humanity for sports bragging rights. Elliot is a scumbag and the Cowboys are scumbags for signing yet ANOTHER unapologetic abuser of women to their team, to say NOTHING of Jerry Jones, who upon seeing everything including this police report had the gall to go on the news saying that he seen absolutely nothing that warranted any type of suspension at all. Wow. He is as disgusting as Elliot is and I certainly hope he never gets to hold another lombardi trophy as long as he is alive. He does not deserve to.

  • Chris Knuckles

    Sounds like he’s in a pickle. Seemed like a decent kid but from this piece he sounds like he needs some help. I don’t pretend to know what happened but hope the truth is revealed. My old narcoleptic psychology professor once referenced for the classroom that 96% of men who wear half shirts are more likely to commit domestic crimes.

  • Pete

    @ william wise – your a total idiot and proof beyond a doubt that I.Q. tests should be required to post.

  • Wormtongue

    When she lied, when she cried wolf, it does not mean that she was not wronged. It simply means that her statements can not be trusted and nobody at all should rely on what she says.

  • Elaine Katzen

    Apparently… Even a D Magazine Editor Can Press The Tip of Her Index Finger Against The Tip Of Her Nose Re: UNSUBSTANTIATED Domestic Violence Allegations.

  • grkorbel

    You’re an attorney? You “reviewed” the investigator’s transcript and affidavits for two days but can’t detect glaring inconsistencies between any of Thompson’s allegations.

    When you read Thompson’s original statement to the police, the transcript of the interview with the investigator, as well as affidavits of witnesses, whatever injuries Elliot allegedly inflicted on her must have happened on the evening of Tuesday, JULY 19th, 2016. Statements of witnesses who saw her at a pool in a bikini just before 2 a.m. Tuesday are consistent insofar as they saw no signs of any bruising, scrapes or wounds. Furthermore, one witness, Cheidu Bosah who took pictures of Thompson on JULY 20th, two days later–allegedly the day after she suffered a brutal assault–attested to the fact that he saw no signs of any injuries, despite being introduced to Thompson and photographing her.

    How, then, did injuries neither apparent to witnesses before the 19th and on the 21st suddenly appear on July 22nd, given she, according to her own testimony, left Elliot on the 20th and did not see him again.

    By her own account of when she was assaulted, SOME injuries should have been apparent to anyone close to her on the 19th and the 21st, since she stated in her 9/11 call which was made on the 22nd of July at 5:18 a.m. that Elliot had been abusing her for five days–the most recent being on the 19th or 20th–a timeframe when a witness said Elliot was not present at the apartment. (A witness who was residing at the place of the alleged battering, swore in an affidavit that Elliot had left the apartment on Monday night and did not return until the following morning between eight and nine a.m.) How the hell did you miss THAT, Counselor?

    Then, too, there are numerous affidavits attesting to the fact that Elliot never dragged Thompson from a vehicle outside a club and the sworn statements of a policemen and security officer who identified her in a fight with another woman that involved hair-pulling and thrown punches to the face.

    The only thing we don’t know is what transpired with Thompson between the night of the 20th and when she notified police a few days later on the 22nd. If you had a client who had claimed he had not committed spousal abuse and several witnesses told you they never saw ANY signs of bruising on the woman during the five-day period she had said she was violently attacked, would you disregard that evidence? What would you do with these witnesses if you were trying the case for the state?

    You claim that even a liar can be beaten and choked. True. But it seems the truth as she expressed it wasn’t enough. The liar committed three more crimes to sell her story: the first, Elliot dragging her from a car, the second, accusing Elliot of abusing her at a time he was not present at the scene of the crime, and the third, perhaps most odiously, enlisting a friend to engage in a conspiracy by perjuring herself that Elliot committed yet another episode of abuse.

    There’s something to be pitied about this woman that goes beyond whatever abuse she may or may not have experienced. Whatever compassion I feel for the woman, however, is blunted by what is one of the most extraordinary statements I have ever seen a lawyer make:

    “Yes, it looks like she threatened to blackmail Elliott with a sex tape. Yes, it looks like she makes very poor choices and suffers from extreme jealousies and likes to send a lot of threatening late-night texts to an ex-boyfriend she can’t quite quit. Yes, there probably was a fair amount of alcohol involved. But none of that means Elliott didn’t choke her, repeatedly, to the point she couldn’t breathe.”

    And, clearly, none of your expertise as an attorney practicing family law gets that Elliot was not charged in Ohio because of “poor choices”, alcohol, or blackmail texting. The Columbus City Attorney’s office dropped charges largely because Thompson told police that Elliott assaulted her while they sat in a parked car. Four witnesses, including one who was sitting in the car at the time of the alleged incident, told police that they did not observe an assault. If that lie was exposed in court, what jury would believe her creditable in anything she said?

    Her story did not pass the laugh test.

    It is singularly extraordinary: you describe this woman as “an entirely unlikable and duplicitous human being”, and yet you believe her, while indicting Elliot, and casting doubt on any exculpatory testimony because three or four of the witnesses were his friends.

    I think you’d have a different slant on such testimony if you had been shopping with three friends, were accused of child molestation, and they said, “No way. She was with us that night.” I don’t think you’d suggest they were just covering your back.

    No wonder people hold lawyers in such contempt.

    • Elaine Katzen

      Wow, you just eviscerated this magazine editor’s shot at being a half-way credible writer of anything. Now she can’t even fictionalize any future attempts to pen an article.

  • grkorbel

    You forgot one word: “If”. If it can be proven that you violated the code.

  • Guillermo Torres

    Don’t be stupid, Paul, the NFL has a different set of rules and a commissioner who can set and enact suspensions. So lose the cocky, innocent until proven guilty meme. The NFL offers big rewards. And it can take them away at the commish’s discretion. You can suspend belief at what your hero does, if you like. The NFL commissioner has not. Women are not possessions or “puppy dogs” or punching bags, though in your world they might be.

  • Pete

    I have to say that it is very refreshing to view a message board where most of the comments are intelligent and well thought out!

  • Elaine Katzen

    People like you Christian are the reason caucasoid-based racism that persists in America. You capitulate, hoping for a pat on the head, when you SHOULD have the temerity and chutzpah to call out systematic oppression on the part of the status quo/employers/caucasion people. No matter what color you are, stay in the closet if you don’t have the courage to STAND UP against unfair, unethical treatment by Caucasoid miscreants who abuse their power.

  • Elaine Katzen

    What we have playing out in 2017, with Ezekiel Elliott and Tiffany Thompson, is “To Kill A Mockingbird”….

  • NewYears1978

    Anyone can make up a detailed story too…especially when they are liars. I am not saying he did or did not..the whole thing is so shady..but everyones credibility here is so shot that I don’t think you can pin it on him. He should still have been suspended for all his other actions…but without fact no proof and all evidence points the other way…he shouldn’t have gotten the 6 games.

    If he did do it..he should have just admitted it though..if it comes out he did it and got away with it and lied..that would be a real shame.

  • Spazzz

    Sounds to me like a psycho chick that got dumped because she is unstable and couldn’t stand to lose her multi-million dollar sugar daddy…maybe she shouldn’t have texted her friend to lie to police about the alleged assault…maybe she shouldn’t have called him over 50 times in an hour…

  • JonJoe1959

    Bitch please? What’s this straight Feminist-BullShit that you speak, “…as incredible as it may seem, Tiffany Thompson…fits the classic dance of domestic violence…”? Truth is, “…as incredible as it may seem, Tiffany Thompson…fits the classic dance of a Liar to & of domestic violence…,” no? Clearly, by her own words, her motive(s) is MONEY, and not her safety or justice, no? What women in her right mind would Lie to the police of all things, about their Imprisonment, Torture and Beating when finally given the chance to escape from their abuser to the safety of the police, family and friends? Would you or those that you know? Again i say, Bitch Please.!!!

  • Bend Mortgage

    Tell me more about how that Liar is telling the truth.

  • grkorbel

    Ms. Thompson’s statements on the original police report and in her taped interview were NOT consistent with respect to two alleged assaults by Elliot. The first being that Elliot dragged her from a car which was not supported by the testimony of any eyewitnesses and was, in fact, refuted by their statements.

    The second was her allegation that an argument ensued on the night of July 19th and escalated into an assault by Elliot in the early hours of the 20th. A third person staying at the apartment in which the alleged argument and assault took place, Alvarez Jackson, swore in an affidavit, however, that Elliot was not at that location during that period of time and did not return until eight or nine on Tuesday morning.

    Furthermore, in her call to the police on the 22nd, Ms. Thompson said Elliot had been beating her every day for the last five days. Two witnesses, however, who saw her during that timeframe (one at a pool on the night of the 18th and early morning hours of the 19th–Matthew White– while she was wearing a bikini, and the second , Chiedu Bosah, who met her and photographed her at a club on the night of July 20th,) both gave sworn statements that they observed no signs of any “bruises, injuries, cuts, or scrapes”.

    From the transcript of her police interview:

    Thompson: “Monday night going into Tuesday morning he…he picked me up … .”
    (This would be the 18th and 19th)

    Statement of Matthew White who was at a pool at 600Goodall Blvd.

    “At approximately 1:00 a.m. (on July 19th)Tiffany Thompson arrived with a friend to join us. I personally know her from work… . I was in the immediate vicinity of Ms. Thompson for the bulk of two hours. I did not observe any bruises, scrapes, cuts, or other marks… . She was wearing the equivalent of a bikini most of her time in and around the pool.”

    Sworn Statement of Alvarez Jackson:

    “I was with Mr. Elliot the entire day (Monday the 18th). Mr. Elliot did not return home that night. He returned home the following morning.”

    Tiffany Thompson statement police report: “Monday night I stayed at the apartment with his childhood friend Alvarez. He came home Tuesday Morning and started choking me and smacking my face.”

    Tiffany Thompson statement from interview transcript: “but Monday night going into Tuesday morning he…he picked me up …

    Interviewer: This is Tuesday?

    Thompson: This is Monday night going into Tuesday morning.

    You don’t have to be Colombo to see a problem here. First, on the night (Monday the 18th) she alleges Elliot had an argument with her that became violent, she states in the police report that she was in Elliot’s apartment with Alvarez and Elliot returned in the morning.

    However, in the interview she claims Elliot was in the apartment Monday night when the argument began. A sworn statement by Matthew White refutes this since he claims she was at a pool between 1:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m.

    For those keeping score at home:

    Tiffany Thompson claims in the police report she spent the night at Elliot’s apartment with
    Alvarez but in the interview transcript claims Elliot was present which is refuted by Alvarez’ sworn statement.

    There is also another witness who claims she was at a pool at the time she alleges Elliot was arguing with her.

    How can anyone consider her police report and interview responses consistent?

  • NFL Buddha

    It is absolutely disgraceful the things that young athletes get away with. We read about Jameis Winston, Ezekiel Elliott and wonder about all of the less famous student jocks that got away with all sorts of crimes. He doesn’t belong in the NFL if the above is true. It is no coincidence that he plays for the same team that Greg Hardy ended up with. Putting Jerrah in the Hall of Fame just seals the deal (with the Devil).


    She’s a GOLDDIGGER

  • John Spearing

    Here’s the thing – IF Zeke is guilty, he should be looking at criminal charges – not GOD-elle making another mess over stepping his bounds again…. the biggest issue I have is the whole Kia Roberts thing, it was either hidden or ignored and she was left out, yet she was the only one to conduct interviews and she ran point on the facts… Zeke is certainly no choir boy, if the NFL wanted to nail him on conduct, it woulda been easy – but for nothing more than PR purposes and to make an example of a kid with a shady lifestyle, they went after something they couldn’t prove and screwed it up – but to them it was suppose to make the DV crackdown look good (that failed)…. Friel looks incompetent and Roger looks like a fool – Zeke has validated all his off field concerns coming out of college so he looks bad to – but the DV case doesn’t hold water whether you want to believe her or not…

  • John Spearing

    but how did Zeke “knowingly” violate the code as far as DV goes – he’s accused but has never been proven guilty… or is the code got some sort of guilty till proven innocent clause that says GOD-elle can predetermine his outcomes and cherry pick to support what he already decided, cause it seems like that’s what you are saying to me – but if they wanted to simply nail Zeke for conduct, it woulda been easy… they didn’t want that, they wanted to make an example of a high profile player in there new DV crackdown – a PR stunt that is backfiring

  • Leslie Basco

    It’s fine for you not to wear Elliot’s jersey based on your BELIEF. However, harming a person’s reputation and overall earning potential based on BELIEF is another matter.

    Kia Roberts, who ACTUALLY TALKED to Thompson apparently didn’t share your BELIEF! Roberts spoke to her, she didn’t just read about it.

    The NFL is a place of employment. All employers should have limits on what reasons they can fire an employee and for what reasons they can punish or reprimand an employee. The employment at will doctrine does have limits.

    Sure, the NFLPA agreed to article 46, but I’m not sure they ever envisioned that Goodell would come to view his job as being a social justice warrior, ignore the decisions of those who work in the legal profession and just do what he wants while simultaneously making decisions that are DETRIMENTAL to the league in the name of safeguarding the league.

    I’m guessing the NFLPA was thinking more along the lines of allowing Goodell to rule on matters directly related to what happens on the field. For example, a player making a cheap tackle or a football team possibly cheating. I don’t think they meant to grant power to the commissioner that allows him to override the legal process.

    What’s next? What if a player goes to court, if found not guilty, but Goodell thinks the player did it. Can Goodell, in essence, find the player guilty even though the court did not? Is that what you think article 46 was meant to do?

    Moreover, even if Zeke did it, it was done during a time when he was not an employee within the NFL. It’s a bit like you doing something while working at Dmagazine, then getting hired at Time magazine and TIme punishing you for what you did while working at Dmagazine.

    Let the legal system do its thing. Then, and only then, should there be consequences assessed by the employer.

    So go ahead and believe what you want. Buy someone else’s jersey. But harming a person’s earning potential and having that person tagged for life as an abuser based on belief is not right.

    I believe you to be an idiot. Therefore your employer should suspend you for 6 weeks without pay. I don’t need proof, just my belief based on what I read.

  • likeucare

    Yes you are right. From now on when a woman accuses a man of domestic violence we should give her all his money and put him in jail. Because you know who cares if She is lying right.It sends a nice message. Meanwhile two women and many of their friends and family were gunned down over the weekend and NO ONE in the we are beside ourselves with outrage over DV mob really seem to have noticed. Or perhaps they just don’t care.

  • likeucare

    You are either lying or have no job.

  • likeucare

    Do we partially blame a person who gets hit by another car for leaving the house? Because that definitely increases the chances…or for driving during busy times? And I think you just compared a woman going to a bar and having drinks to jumping in a tiger pit. You are not helping.

  • likeucare

    You are not showing all of the facts. Not that you care about those.

  • paul nancy

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