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Leading Off (1/23/17)

A march in downtown, the Stars go viral (again), good uses of the internet, and more.


Thousands Turn Out For Downtown Dallas’ Women’s March. A sizable (and from what I saw, diverse) group of women and men and kids and a number of very good dogs marched from City Hall to the Communication Workers of America building about two miles away Saturday morning, joining sister marches in Washington, D.C., and around the world, in support of women’s rights following the swearing in of President Donald Trump. Doyle Rader has a good recap of it here. There were also marches in Fort Worth and Denton.

New Twitter Account Created, Featuring St. Mark’s Grad Richard Spencer. I just report the news.

Free Pie at Norma’s. Like I said, just here to report.

Derek Whitener’s GoFundMe Almost at Goal. As of when I wrote this, the GoFundMe account set up to help pay for the theater director’s medical bills, following his attack at the Haskell Avenue Target last weekend, was just short of its $100,000 goal. Push it over the top. Some notable names have lent their support.

Dallas Stars Deliver Alternative Facts. The Stars’ game presentation team wins again. On Saturday night, the video board displayed the above image, making light of President Trump and his team’s insistence that Friday featured “the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period.” To top it off, Stars’ DJ Michael Gruber played “Kryptonite” by inauguration performers 3 Doors Down. Always worth the trip to the AAC, even if the Stars’ aren’t doing as well as last season.

Mavs Rout Lakers. It was literally the worst loss in the Lakers’ storied history. Forty-nine points!



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  • JamieT

    Re: #2

    The New York Times is having fun floating the ambivalent rhetorical question whether sucker-punching someone with different political views might be acceptable in certain circumstances.

    In Seattle, the alleged “supremacist” who was critically shot Saturday turned out to be a Bernie Sanders supporter. Ooops!

    People bemoaned 2016 as the worst year ever (as much as anything because so many beloved musicians and celebrities passed away), but 2017 is shaping up nicely to become that year when the politicization of everything leads to routine citizen-upon-citizen violence and someone’s innocent 12-year-old son ends up taking one meant for a racist Bernie Sanders supporter in the temple instead.

    • Mavdog

      I don’t see the NYT is “having fun”, they published an article with both positive and critical comments on if the attack against Spencer was somehow justified. It’s news…

      Any violence directed towards individuals based on their disagreeing on political ideology is wrong and should be condemned. Violence against people such as Spencer is counterproductive and only feeds into their fraudulent message of persecution.

      If only our country had leadership speaking out to temper the rising emotions. Instead we get Orwellian discourse and egotistical verbiage.