Jane McGarry Is Going To Watch Draft Day Tonight

We wish her luck with her endeavors.


My apologies, dear FrontBurnervians, for not alerting you to this sooner, but former Channel 5 anchor Jane McGarry has launched an “eMagazine.” That’s what she calls Real Jane. Feels like a blog to me. But let’s not bog down with nomenclature. The effort launched in July. In today’s top post, McGarry explains why she sold her house:

“I am grateful for all I have had.  Times change, things move on and it was expensive to keep up.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that the only way to move through life is forward.”

In another recent post, readers learn that McGarry likes to drink coffee in the morning. But my favorite item is the daily Watchlist feature, which reveals what McGarry plans to watch on TV tonight. Here is today’s entry:

Even if it’s only an hour late at night, I like to relax with my favorite TV show or a good movie.

So every day, I post Watchlist. Here are my favorites for tonight, because I love Kevin Costner and football (and because there’s not much on TV right now:)

Draft Day

Scent of a Woman (with Al Pacino, yes!)

If you like double spaces after periods and lots of exclamation marks, and if you’re curious about what Jane McGarry plans to watch on TV tonight, Real Jane is the eMagazine for you. If you don’t and you aren’t, I recommend The American Spectator.


  • Chris Chris

    Frontburner/Jane fans must have hugged the website to death. It won’t come up for me. RIP Real Jane.

    • Tim Rogers

      Try again. It’s working for me.

  • Jane McGarry

    It definitely is Tim 😉

  • Wes Mantooth

    Feeling bitter that we were not getting the Real Jane during the halcyon days of JAM.

    • Jane McGarry

      Lol Wes

  • Steph

    What’s is even more funny is this story or any story in her new magazine has more comments than all the stories on D’s entire front page combined.

    • jane mcgarry

      Thanks for reading Steph!!