Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Aug. 14

The bar at Driftwood. Credit: Kevin Marple, for D Magazine.
The bar at Driftwood. Credit: Kevin Marple, for D Magazine.

For all intents and purposes, the weekend has basically already started for a lot of us, at least mentally. I would be lying were I to portray myself as someone who does not regularly stay out a bit too late on Thursday nights. Here are the various ways in which you too can overextend yourself.

The enormously popular Wiz Khalifa will be appearing at Gexa Energy Pavilion tonight. Whether through his own questionable line of personally branded merchandise or appearing on summer blockbuster soundtracks, the young artist seems to be everywhere. That kicks off at 6 pm in Fair Park this evening. You could have dinner at the Meridian Room and just walk across the street.

The Phantom of the Opera may be as popular as ever, but this slightly revised version has our theater critic wondering if all the changes were necessary. You can see for yourself at the Winspear tonight, and then leave a comment of either strong support or polite opposition on our review.

Speaking of reviews, if you’re considering a film, our various takes on what’s currently playing are up on FrontRow. If you require food and drink before a film, Driftwood has a New Zealand wine dinner that starts just early enough for you to make a late showing. The sommeliers and the seafood are available at 6:30 tonight.

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