That ESPN Profile of Jerry Jones

If you haven’t read Don Van Natta Jr.’s profile of Jerry Jones, you really should. The access Natta had is a writer’s dream. (And possibly an editor’s nightmare.) And you will probably end up liking Jones more by the end of the story.

The access starts with the writer finding Jones alone in a bar outside an owners’ meeting. We see Jones in his suite during the George Strait concert, hear him whispering in his son’s ear in the draft room, and drinking like the guys on Mad Men. He really, really, really wanted to draft Johnny Manziel. He’s apparently a big fan of Johnnie Walker Blue. (In plastic Dallas Cowboys cups.) And even at 71, he is irresistible to certain ladies. Or, as one of his close friends puts it: “Good women won’t leave him alone.”


  • Amy Severson
  • Ted Encinia

    Liking him more? Being disloyal to his wife while leaving Jimmy Johnson out of Ring of Honor for exact same reason. Shamelessly flirting in front of important personnell of the Dallas Cowboys. While bragging about how much money George Strait made him. Like him more after this article? Lord help us all if this is true.

  • Dan

    I like him more after reading the article. Not sure why but I do.

  • Eric

    How do his children put up with him being so awful to their mother?
    How does Mrs. Jones put up with it?
    Is there so much money and fame involved that all or most is forgiven?
    I read the profile and all I want to do is take a shower.

  • Robyn Chumley

    I began worshipping at the Dallas Cowboys altar in elementary school–Roger the Dodger, a back-up QB from Navy, was my childhood hero (and still is). It hurt my heart to see Tom Landry go, and I’m not sure I’ve ever forgiven Jerry Jones for how he fired one of the greatest NFL coaches (why, I get). Jones annoys me, but I’ve gone thru thick and thin for my Boys all these years. Jones is, to most observers, a laughingstock–and this article doesn’t tamp that down. But you know what? I think I do like Jones just a little bit more after reading this. Don’t get me wrong–his character is crap (alcoholic womanizer), but do love the riverboat gambler in him. And I do love how he loves our Cowboys. And I do believe he’d do anything to get America’s Team to win the Super Bowl again… Thanks for the prod to read it…