Leading Off (8/20/14)

Governor Perry went to go get ice cream after taking his mug shot, and more news.

Gov. Rick Perry Booked. And I have to say: bravo on the mugshot. Confident, a bit wily. Just an all-around A+ effort. After his photoshoot, he went to get ice cream.

Affluenza Teen’s Father Arrested for Posing as Officer. Ick. I hate typing out affluenza. But that’s why this is in the news, so here goes. Frederick Couch was arrested Tuesday after allegedly posing as a reserve officer at the scene of a disturbance call. Couch’s 16-year-old son, Ethan, killed four people while driving drunk last year. Couch the Elder apparently had a fake badge and ID card in his car. Seems like that household’s got a real lock on everything.

Weekend Storms Did Little to Help Lake Levels. “Overall, the district’s lakes are in considerably worse shape than a year ago.” Well, this is wildly reassuring.

Man Found Guilty in Plot to Kill Wife. “Attempted capital murder” is probably the scariest charge after “actual, real-deal capital murder.” A Denton County jury found John Howard guilty of just that Tuesday, after he hired someone to try and kill his wife. After trying unsuccessfully for years to find a hitman to kill his wife, he eventually found one. That person botched the effort, though, and Nancy Howard survived.


  • Fred Flintstone

    Could the reporters in this town learn to read a graph?

    The rain this summer has been immensely helpful. In 2012, Lavon fell almost five feet between June 15 and September 1. In 2013, it fell about 3.5 feet during the same period.

    In 2014, Lavon will likely have *more* water in it at the end of this month than it did on June 15.

    Seems like that qualifies as “helpful” or “improvement” or whatever term you want to use.

    Still too low? Absolutely, but the masters of mismanagement at the NTMWD keep wanting the DFW press to hyperventilate over this and the press continues to cooperate.