American Family Association Doesn’t Like New RadioShack Commercials

The American Family Association is not known for its sense of humor, to say the least (Google tries to autofill a search for the organization with “american family association hate group”). So it is with a complete lack of surprise that we report that the AFA is not altogether thrilled with RadioShack’s latest, somewhat sexually charged ad campaign.

“The RadioShack ads are immature, juvenile, and downright distasteful,” the AFA said in a release. Which, honestly, is the best part and how I assume — or hope, I guess — the agency pitched the campaign.


  • Chris Chris

    I understand that AFA is going to start protesting bananas because they give them that funny feeling in their stomach whenever they see somebody eat one.

  • Jack Jett

    Since they find it “downright distasteful” they might be able to negotiate it down to a simple “distasteful”.