Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: July 3—7

In addition to all the fireworks, Texas Theatre has a special Willie Nelson concert film; A block party on Henderson Ave.; Good Records celebrates KDGE.

Excerpt from the cover art for Willie Nelson's new record, Band of Brothers.
Excerpt from the cover art for Willie Nelson’s new record, Band of Brothers.

There are few holidays as loud and activity-saturated—and yet also completely lazy—as a Fourth of July Weekend. Our great display of pride and might requires very little of you, and for a list of all of the very Independence Day-specific things you can waste the next 72 hours on, please go here. I’ll do my best to only include events that aren’t one-offs, or basically direct you to all of the vague and somewhat celebratory activity happening around the city.


Starting today, the Gin Mill will start a three-day party, with food and drink specials throughout the weekend. DJs Kwasar, Dwilly, and Mike D will be making appearances.

The Gin Mill is not completely alone, however, as that entire section of Henderson will basically be one giant block party. Barcadia and Beauty Bar will also be involved and this particular party is for Thursday, starting at 6 pm. DJs Tyrone Smiley, Colly T, and Redeye will all be on hand. There will also be hotdogs and a pool party, although I’m not sure where that pool is going to be. Judging from the usual scene that Hendy often is, I bet you’ll be able to find that body of water pretty easily.


Our extensive calendar of holiday events does mention Willie Nelson’s picnic at Billy Bob’s of course, but it should be noted that the Texas Theatre will be showing a 35th anniversary print of Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Celebration. The film features Leon Russell and the late Waylon Jennings in addition to Nelson, and there will also be food pairings with dinner provided by both Bolsa Mercado and Chef DC BBQ. 25 bucks gets you dinner and the movie.

As for other films that opened this week, our extremely prolific movie critic, Todd Jorgenson, has a ton of new reviews for you, over on FrontRow.


It’s hard to believe that KDGE has been on the air for 25 years, but it’s true. Good Records is throwing a party on their behalf, and Lakewood Brewing Co. will provide free drinks from 3pm-6pm, just in case you didn’t do enough drinking and lounging on Friday.

The Single Wide will be hosting “Away from the Numbers” on Saturday and there will be an all-80s theme. Even though I’ll be out-of-town this weekend, I actually felt strangely sad for a second that I would miss this monthly. That’s how consistent this event is.


Finally, I know I have mentioned this place once already this week, but the Record Lounge is taking a beginner’s risk by inviting its patrons to bring their own vinyl records into the establishment starting at 8 pm on Sunday night. Something called “riot punch” will be served, which could be considered patriotic since riots certainly have played a significant role in our nation’s history. Happy 4th, everyone!


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