Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: July 11—13

Taste of Dallas in Fair Park; Gallery Day in the Design District; Jubilee Theatre tackles Little Shop.

A waffle and chicken on a stick from last year's Taste of Dallas. Credit: Kellie Spano for D Magazine.
A Waffle and chicken on a stick from last year’s Taste of Dallas. Credit: Kellie Spano for D Magazine.


The Taste of Dallas event at Fair Park is now in its 28th year, and as expected it has undergone some major changes in that time.  The selection of often unsubtle fare was once held outdoors and in the West End. Organizers used to brag of representing the “largest free festival in Texas,” although it remains pretty inexpensive. Alcohol has become more of a prominent draw for the three-day party, but that’s only been true of just about every event since the Old Testament. Allow some extra time for the beer, wine, and cocktails lines. I have had to stand in some pretty long queues waiting for a sad little shot in a plastic cup, so it helps to bring a partner, and tonight has a “date night” theme. I remember taking my ex one year, who was charming enough, but hopefully you’re doing a little better than that. Cheers.

If you’re lucky enough to grow up regularly attending museums, there is a wonderful moment of discovery where you find yourself just as awed by the structures themselves as the art therein. The AIA’s Peter Goldstein is helping to illuminate and expand upon that realization with a series of tours for high schoolers to two different Renzo Piano designs, at the Nasher and the Kimbell respectively. You can find more info here.

Tonight presents a great opportunity to see why so many people are concerned about saving UTD’s “Art Barn,” as the storied edifice will have an opportunity to exude its dignified suburban charm with a Friday night show featuring live music. It’s in conjunction with the opening of its Arms Around the Barn show, and the sounds will be provided by DJ Colly T, as well as sets from local bands, Nite and Totally Butchered.


Dallas Gallery Day began very much on the east side of downtown a couple of years ago, but it’s now firmly entrenched across that tentacle-like nest of highways as well, with an 8-hour celebration throughout the Design District. All of the relevant players will be on hand, including Chris Worley, Zhulong, Conduit, and Circuit 12. I highly recommend catching Conduit’s 30-year retrospective; I attended the opening and it was a staggering amount of intimidatingly powerful work of local historical relevance. As caught up as I am in the daily critical conversation, it’s easy to forget that there is a lot to be proud of all around us, even if it takes three decades to sift for the gems. A single corner overtaken by the forward-thinking photographs of TWU’s Susan Kae Grant was all I needed to remind me. The event lasts from noon to 8 pm. and Ben E. Keith will be providing the drinks so consider a car service. You don’t want to accidentally clip a telephone pole on your way out of a grimy industrial parking lot because you’re enjoying yourself a little too much, and I have no idea where that detail just came from.

Fort Worth’s Jubilee Theatre will be handling the Alan Menken-penned Little Shop of Horrors starting this weekend, and you should attend this dark comedy at your own risk. Even if it’s been decades since you’ve seen it, the songs are guaranteed to be stuck in your head for the rest of your life.


Finally, the Too Hot to Handle 5- and 15k will take place on Sunday, which is a companion to the Too Cold to Handle race that took place back in February. I don’t know if the winter version can possibly live up to its name in Texas, but I do know that running in our lovely subtropical environment this time of year can stand up to most places on earth. Enjoy your weekend.

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