Poll: Should Mike Rawlings Run Again?

Does the mayor deserve a second term?

Mike Rawlings
Mike Rawlings

The Morning News thinks Mayor Mike Rawlings should stand for re-election next year. Eric agrees, even though he finds their reasons unconvincing.

So, regardless whether you think you’ll end up casting a vote for him, should Rawlings run for a second term?


  • Jim Schermbeck

    Only if he repudiates his support of the Trinity toll road.

    • Pegaso

      Agree 100%

  • Eric Celeste

    Okay, I wasn’t being clear. I’m not sure if he should run again. Also not sure if he shouldn’t. I was trying to say that I could find a reason to vote for him if I had to, and that I didn’t see any good reasons listed in that DMN editorial. I don’t know if I want a guy in that position who isn’t (perhaps stupidly) convinced he wants the job and can get real change accomplished. Also, I’d like someone who cares more about transportation issues, which make Rawlings’ eyes glaze over. Just to clarify.

    • Pegaso

      As long as he supports the Trinity Toll Road, he does not deserve a second term.

  • Mary C

    I am worried about the Mayor’s health.

  • Richard Sheridan

    No. Hes a bully liar, and one of the worst mayors in Dallas history!!!

    • Mary C

      You obviously did not live here during Mayor Tom Leppert’s regime.