Leading Off (7/29/14)

Tuesday. Yay.

Gerald Britt Comes Out in Support of John Wiley Price. Pretty explosive op-ed from the vice president for public policy at CitySquare. As in: “Whites need to understand that you cannot shame us into turning on [John Wiley Price]. As a matter of fact, your hatred of him endears him to us all the more. For those of us who know him, we understand that in a real sense, a John Wiley Price is a creation of the white man’s hatred of black people — and if not his hatred, his timorous acceptance of the status quo. Without either, no John Wiley Price can exist.” As I understand it, then, because white people hate black people, Price used his political office to enrich himself (allegedly). Man, this thing is going to get ugly. Seems to me, no way can the trial take place in Dallas. “Jesus, justice, and John.

Company Moves to Allen. CVE Technology Group is bringing 1,200 jobs to town. Excellent. Except the story uses the word “metroplex,” lowercase. Deeply disappointing.

UNT Lands Great Collection of Photographs. Imagine four generations of a family all taking pictures of North Texas (and not the Metroplex). This is pretty cool.

20,000 Muslims Celebrate in Fair Park. Ramadan is over, meaning all our Muslim friends will stop being so cranky from fasting during the day, and yesterday was the first day of Eid al-Fitr. Big party (and lots of praying) in Fair Park.

NBA Players Do Not Pick Terdema Ussery. Looks like he’ll remain with the Mavs.

Cristiano Ronaldo! Gay men, rejoice!


  • RAB

    OJ redux.

  • jimrain

    The JWP indictment isn’t about race, it’s about corruption. But failing to go after firms who paid bribes could make this a race issue, too.