Leading Off (7/15/14)


Storms Hit North Texas. That front that moved through yesterday surprised meteorologists with its intensity. Winds hit 60 mph in places, bringing down power lines and snapping utility poles. A house in McKinney caught fire after being struck by lightning. As of 6:40 this morning, Oncor indicates that it has 4,835 Dallas County customers without power.

Brother Testifies Against Brother in Murder Case. Fascinating story about a murder that happened way back in 1986. Here’s Naheed Rajwani’s lead: “Face-to-face for the first time in 27 years, Kenneth and Lonnie Thomas didn’t exchange a single word. They didn’t embrace. They didn’t smile. The brothers shared a home for years. On Monday, they shared a courtroom.”

Fight Between Rev. Robert Jeffress and Rev. Frederick Haynes III. Jeffress is the pastor of First Baptist Dallas. Haynes is pastor of Friendship West Baptist. The former says God establishes borders, and we shouldn’t allow the migrant children into our country. The latter says: “‘Reverend Downtown’ says, ‘Turn them back.’ I don’t know what Jesus you know; I don’t know what Jesus you know.” Advantage Haynes, if for no other reason than he came up with the nickname Reverend Downtown.

Will Central Expressway Be Tolled? Not if Collin County Judge Keith Self has anything to say about it. He has come up with the notion of “toll fatigue.” In related news, I would like to state for the record that I have “mowing the yard fatigue,” “explanation of benefits fatigue,” and “fatigue fatigue.”


  • Wylie H Dallas

    I suppose we can all be thankful that Pastor Jeffress wasn’t in a position of power and influence during World War II.

    • Eric Foster

      If you believe in reincarnation, maybe he was.
      If you believe in tarnation, maybe he will.
      If you believe in the Aryan Nation, maybe he is.