D Magazine’s 40 Greatest Stories: Are There Any Decent Men in Dallas?

Sarah Hepola's adventures in online dating.

Illustration by Alanna Cavanagh
Illustration by Alanna Cavanagh

You might also consider this post an early plug for our 10 Most Eligible Men in Dallas contest, which will begin in the middle of next month. Sarah Hepola’s funny, thoughtful piece about her adventures in dating men she met online appeared in the February 2013 issue of D Magazine, and it is one of the 40 greatest stories we’ve ever published.

Spoiler Alert: Sarah hasn’t found her Mr. Right by the end of the article, so I asked her how things have been going in that realm since. She replied:

I took down my online dating profile about a year ago. I’ve been working on a book, which comes out in June 2015 from Grand Central (Blackout, a memoir about drinking), and I needed to close down the distractions and lock myself in a quiet room for a while. But I still get emails about that story. People reach out to tell me they’re going to try online dating, or they can’t stand online dating, or they love it and they met their husband. Just like dating itself, people’s experiences and attitudes are all over the map. I’m sure I’ll end up there again, worrying too much about my personal profile, and wondering why people take selfies while driving. People are so weird, and fascinating.

I’m hoping maybe we can convince Sarah to write a sequel piece about meeting up with men through Tinder. Not because I believe she’ll have any more luck in meeting a suitable match rather than merely an assortment of oddballs — quite the contrary — but purely for the selfish reason that I would very much enjoy reading her take.