Leading Off (6/4/14)

Bathroom peepers, fossil smugglers, a fallen soldier, and a local act gone big.

Dallas Mother Says Her Son Was Killed Searching For Bergdahl: Sondra Andrews alleges that her son, 2nd Lt. Darryn Andrews, was killed while searching for recently released POW/deserter/depends-who-you-talk-to Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. It seems that while Andrews was told her son was killed searching for Taliban leader, that may not have been true. I’m sure this will all be tied up with a neat bow soon enough.

Braum’s Bathroom Peeper Arrested: Four years ago, when my then-girlfriend and I visited Dallas to find an apartment, the last place we stopped before we got on the plane was a Braum’s. We’d never tried it before, never even heard of it, but the ice cream was delicious and—strangely—made us feel a little bit better about moving to Texas. Maybe it just made me feel better. I don’t know. I liked the ice cream. ANYWAY, police arrested the guy who installed hidden cameras in a Grapevine Braum’s bathroom. Problem is he’s installed them in some more around town. Probably best to just hold it until you get home.

Fossils Dealer Sentenced in Tyrannosaurus Smuggling Case: The 70-million-year-old fossil was sold for $1 million by Dallas’ Heritage Auctions. The smuggler, Eric Prokopi, got three months in prison. Quick hypothetical. You’re in Mongolia, and you find a Tyrannosaurus fossil. There’s a slim chance you’ll get caught smuggling it into the country, but the risk is only three months in prison. The reward, if you’re successful, is you have a freaking Tyrannosaurus fossil, forever. Moral implications of raping an impoverished country of one of its historic natural resources aside, do you do it?

Support Local Music, Because They Grow Up and Blow Up: I’m sure Mosley will be along at some point on FrontRow to dissect the finer points of last night’s Parquet Courts/Swearin’/Radioactivity show at Dada, but I’d like to reiterate the above statement. At least six D staffers (and a contributor!) were at the show, and it smoked the doors off. So, go to shows! Local acts, national acts, Denton acts that now start their shows by saying “We’re Parquet Courts, and we’re from Brooklyn.” Whatever. It was Tuesday and it was awesome. And if things are a little slow on here to start today, now you know why.