Leading Off (6/20/14)

DISD home-rule commission, NorthPark expansion, and Allen's flawed stadium.

Dallas ISD Board Names Home-Rule Commission. The 15-member panel includes the husband of trustee Carla Ranger and the son of trustee Lew Blackburn. I’ll leave the hot sports opinions to Eric over on Learning Curve, but, umm, seriously?

NorthPark Center Planning Major Expansion? Owners Nancy Nasher and her husband have sold a 60 percent stake in the mall for $362 million. The transaction has prompted speculation that big changes could be coming to the North Dallas shopping mecca, since the last time they took on an investment of this size was to finance the hugely successful addition of a fourth side to the building in 2006.

Police/Fire Pension Fund Lost $60M on Luxury Homes. The bad investments in Hawaii, Aspen, and other spots likely contributed to the decision by the fund’s board to dismiss administrator Richard Tettamant.

Report Details Structural Flaws in Allen’s $60M Stadium. The school district hopes to begin repairs this fall — during which time the Eagles’ football team will have to play its “home” games in Plano — and reopen it by graduation time in May 2015.


  • Eric Celeste

    Still talking to a few folks/forming said hot take. Should be out of the oven about 9:30ish.

  • RWP

    No mention of the Sam’s Club status? Hot potato?

  • Eric Celeste

    Typo. 10:30. Related: Tim, how do you spell “Emperor Palpatine?”

  • Bizarro Big Tex

    We pay you $5K a month for community relations & you won’t/can’t tell us who you talked to or conducted community relations with? And I thought I was the only one living in Bizzaro World, Mr. Neumann. I guess not.

  • Eric Celeste

    Re-typo. Call it now, 11:15.